Pizzi: "Saudi Arabia is evolving rapidly"

Pizzi: "Saudi Arabia is evolving rapidly"

2018 May 17

The coach, happy with the victory of his team against Greece in La Cartuja de Sevilla, the second he gets in the stage of Spain.

Juan Antonio Pizzi, Saudi Arabia coach, praised the victory against Greece (2-0) in La Cartuja de Sevilla in preparation for the World Cup in Russia: "It was a good match, where as the minutes went by we took over the and after his expulsion, the dominance was wide, there was a counterattack by Greece, they had the ball that they sent to the post, but the game was controlled and we are satisfied with what we did ".

"I would have liked to control the second time even more because the conditions were with one more man, but it is normal in football that the opponent has at some point the option to score a goal, we must control when everything is favorable," said the Argentine .

Arabia already beat Algeria in the Ramón de Carranza by identical result (2-0) in a way to prepare some of the rivals of their group in Russia, the host team, Uruguay and Egypt: "What we are looking for under the conditions that presented themselves is to look for schemes similar to those we are going to face and biotypes of players with similar characteristics knowing that many of the important players could not come because they participate in the championships of the countries in which they play, since we are not in FIFA chips ".

Pizzi happily concludes Marbella: "We were complying with the steps we had set, with great satisfaction, we knew we had six months before the start and we scheduled a series of rallies in that period that allowed us to accelerate the knowledge about the players. We have been evolving notoriously since the first concentration to this, which is the penultimate.We still have a month until the World Cup, we have room to continue improving, but I am satisfied with the tactical, physical, psychological evolution and the competitive level that have shown month".
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