Plzen decides and hay efecto Solari

Plzen decides and hay efecto Solari

2018 Nov 7

He does not do much, although he did enough to believe that he was not yet in his head to sit on the bench of the Bernabéu, wrote Solari that "the difference of Madrid with the rest is in history: it is capable of winning the Champions stuttering". I tried to explain how a team, over time, has been able to conquer titles spasmodically, in short and intense efforts, capable of disguising the quality or dedication of its staff. Now it's up to him to appeal to the stutter from his first season, Plzen, where the team's moment seems more complicated than the rival.

The Champions have left until now a good portrait-robot of this Madrid: second in passes and possession, first in accuracy in the delivery, in corners thrown (more than eleven per game) and in shots (25 average) and, nevertheless , twelfth in goals and tenth in goal difference. Seven teams also have a better defensive balance. None of their players were part of the 27 that had scored more than one goal before the start of the fourth day and none were among the 20 that shot more at goal. In the six previous editions Cristiano Ronaldo had finished top of the competition and in all he scored at least ten goals. Now Madrid needs fifteen shots to make one. Before Viktoria, at the Bernabéu, he threw 21 times for two goals. A cataract of data that speak of a lot of noise and few nuts.

"A different problem, once the possession game is dominated, is to fall into the touch without substance, because there is nothing in soccer that requires more effort and more resources than being clear and deep at the same time." It is also a reflection left by Solari writing in other times and that today must be undertaken as field work. It needs verticality and scorers. The first part is part of their tasks, the second is not in your hand.

Given the casualties, only three matters remain on their table for the game: break or not the distribution of matches of their goalkeepers, in favor of Courtois; decide between Isco and Asensio, which is to undress a saint to dress another, and dare or not to leave with Vinicius. It is claimed by the public, who in crisis situations always find the one who arrives better than the one who is. But the forecast is to repeat with Bale, who has scored the same goals as Ramos (4) and one more than Marcelo and who has not scored in his last eight games.

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