"PSG dreams for Dembele"

2018 Aug 9

The Premier League market closes this Thursday, August 9 but until the end of the month the movement of players will continue from one side to the other. One of these movements could be that of Ousmane Dembélé if the PSG fulfills its interest to go after him as they point out in France.The French media Paris United explains that "the PSG dreams of Dembélé", and adds in his information that the French team's sports director, Antero Henrique, would have personally contacted the French player's surroundings to convey the intentions of PSG and inform him that they want as one of their most important players.The information speaks of more than one meeting between Henrique and the environment of Dembélé and the total support of Sheik Nasser Al Khelaifi for this operation to be carried out.Tuchel, importantParis United also talks about the importance of coach Thomas Tuchel. The new PSG coach already had Dembélé at Borussia Dortmund and the player has very good memories of the coach, so it could be an important element in the player's will.