Qatar slows Ecuador's comeback in a goal festival

Qatar slows Ecuador's comeback in a goal festival

2018 Oct 13

Qatar defeated Ecuador 4-3 today in a match turned into a festival of goals in which the Andeans were always behind on the scoreboard but always showed their faces. Ecuador started the game trying to impose the possession game and taking the initiative of the game, an attitude that the Qatari counterattacked looking to go on the counterattack.

In the 31st minute a foul committed by Palacios on Correia, made a center from Haydos to Akram Affif become the first goal for the Qataris. Four minutes, a loss of the ball of Diego Palacios in the Qatar area ended in a counterattack in which Almoez Abdulla ran the entire field to score with the right in minute 35 and put the 2-0. Qatari goalkeeper Ali multiplied to cover the Ecuadorian chances.

Already in the second half, a penalty from Erazo on Almoez was converted by Qatari captain Hasan Al Haydos at 3-0 (m.60). Despite the score Ecuador continued to face and five minutes later Enner Valencia placed a ball in the square to discount.

The Qatari, would soon react and again Al Moez Abdulla, would mark the fourth goal for the Qatari in the 67th minute. From there, until the end Ecuador threw the rest trying to wipe the difference in the marking.

A defensive error ended in a steal at 70 minutes for Valencia to again beat the Qatari goal. With the 4-2 served the referee Jordanian then showed red card to Erazo leaving the Andean with 10.

However, in the 89th minute the Tri found a prize in a shot by José Francisco Cevallos inside the area. In the 93rd minute a protest from Enner Valencia to the referee by a hand of Bassam Al Rawi, ended in the second red of the match.
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