Ramis and Javi Lopez bet on changes in the Copa del Rey

SEP 13, 2018

The Albacete wants to go round in the Copa del Rey against Lugo in a game in which Ramis will give minutes to the less usual players in the line-up of the league competition . The main novelty in the Manchego squad is the presence of the players of the Ángel Moreno and Rubén del Valle subsidiary, the Argentine Gentiletti and the Brazilian Paulo Vitor, the last two signings that have not yet debuted with the white shirt so far this season . There will be changes in all the lines starting with the goal since Caro will have his opportunity under sticks in the place of Tomeu Nadal. The Manchego squad will look for a victory against their public in a match that takes place in the middle of the City Fair and that allows them to pass the round.For its part, the Lugo arrives at Carlos Belmonte in a meeting with the idea of ​​erasing the bad image that the team gave on the last day of the League against Rayo Majadahonda. To do this, Javi López prepares an eleven in which will prevail the players who have participated so far in this league start, and has even completed the call with three team players like Rayco, Gustavo and Guille. However, the main novelties of the list are Campabadal and Vieira, who travel for the first time with the group this season, and Azeez, once they forget their summer affair. With the visit of Oviedo in mind, next weekend, the Lugo will try a qualifying pass to erase the bad taste of mouth left by the last defeat in the league and allow them to play a new round of the cup.
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