Raul Jimenez, the best in penalty kicks

MAY 16, 2018

The Mexican striker has executed 19 penalties until now in his career, not failing until now.Cold and calculating: One of the main qualities of Raúl Jiménez is his mettle to collect penalty kicks. So far he has executed 19 pitches in his career, not failing any.10 times with America, 6 with Benfica and 3 with the Mexican National Team, presuming 100% effectiveness. It is an enigma impossible to decipher for the archers to know the direction of the shots of the Mexican attacker, who was dispatched in a big way with a double against Vitoria Setubal.His favorite victims are Rodolfo Cota and Jesús Corona, to whom he has scored twice; For his part, Cruz Azul and Maritimo de Portugal are the teams he has shot the most times since the eleven steps.
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