Real Betis and AC Milan examine their doubts tonight at the Villamarin

Real Betis and AC Milan examine their doubts tonight at the Villamarin

2018 Nov 8

Milan comes to Heliopolis and the challenge is huge for a Betis who could track and even sentence his move to the next phase of the Europa League . To do this, you need to hide your face and discover its European version. He conquered San Siro against thousands of Betis and now intends to complete his machada hitting a European historic in distress. Milan looks to Juventus, their rival next weekend, and Betis does the same with Barcelona at the door of a visit that can renew expectations in the league.

The verdiblanca smile does spread in Europe. He did not lose until the moment and everything that is added today would be a step forward in his search for classification. Quique Setién arrives touched despite embracing the honeys of success in Milan. The demand was triggered in Heliopolis and, for the moment, the technician receives all the blows waiting for the team to find a more reliable version that avoids doubts. The same ones that exist with respect to an eleven that will vary again in search of fresh air: Joaquín and Tello could give more overflow to a style that today will refocus the spotlight. And the Villamarín demands guarantees. He wants William Carvalho to raise his hand. He wants Lo Celso to turn his spotlights into continuous ones. He wants Canales to confirm that his leadership is not a coincidence.

Absence. The Milan, meanwhile, can not fail if you do not want to complicate your life. Without Higuain, injured, or Castillejo, sanctioned, his danger continues to have numerous weapons: Cutrone and Suso already warned in San Siro. Vertigo is guaranteed in the Villamarín. Not every day a European history appears at home. Although this Milan looks less and less like Milan.

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