Real Madrid could bring Rodrygo next January 9

2018 Oct 11

Rodrygo turns 18 on January 9 and Madrid could bring him as winter reinforcement in view of his performance in Brazil.There was received with surprise the nomination of Rodrygo to the new Kopa Trophy, the Golden Ball for the Under-21 players. Not because I did not deserve it. But it surprised that the France Football award remembered a boy of only 17 years old, who still plays very far from the European showcase and that even so it was the chosen one and not Vinicius Jr, who had a lot more space in Flamengo during the six first months of the season, a team that applied to all possible titles."Rodrygo was a player who came out of nowhere, Santos had not planned to play now," says Mario Marra, ESPN Brazil commentator. "There was some concern about his physical maturity, but after a series of injuries on the staff the coach was left with no options and had to put him right at a time when Santos was going through a crisis. The boy went out in the middle of a chaotic team and won the position, "explains the journalist."Rodrygo is a very young player, who is not physically made, and we are seeing him now in a downturn that is happening, fully expected when a 17-year-old boy is asked to play and be decisive during a sequence of matches as a professional", Dassler Marques, a journalist from UOL and specialist in Brazilian youth soccer, says that he avoids a comparison with his future team-mate at Madrid: "What is not normal is the physical that Vinicius always had for his age, he was much stronger than all his contemporaries. "The debate over which of the two is better does not exist in Brazil. "They play in the same position but they have very different characteristics," says Mario Marra. Something that Dassler Marques agrees: "Rodrygo has more touch, more technique, more vision; Vinicius has more decision power, more verticality, more goal brilliance. " Despite the clear physical difference between the two, there is in Brazil who sees the Santos player as more psychologically prepared than his fellow U-20 team."Rodrygo is economical, intelligent, makes correct and difficult decisions. He passes the impression in the field that he is 25 years old. Its great merit is maturity. He knows how to bargain, but he does not exaggerate. Something very rare for his age, "says Sergio Xavier Filho, a commentator on SporTV. "It was a surprise to us that he was nominated because he was not seen as a crack in capital letters, much because of his style of play. A player who does not exaggerate in dribbling, who likes the pass more, the assistance to the teammate, who often opts for simplicity. And that's not a bad thing, the other way around, "says the former director of Placar magazine.