Roman Torres is the heaviest player in the World

Roman Torres is the heaviest player in the World

2018 Jun 5

According to the official lists granted by FIFA, the Panamanian Román Torres is the player with more weight that will participate in the World Cup in Russia.

FIFA has announced the official lists of 23 players that make up the 32 teams that will be present at the World Cup in Russia, 10 days from the start of the World Cup. It details aspects of each of the selected ones that will seek to take their teams to the top.

One of the men who drew attention within these lists is the Panamanian defender Roman Torres, who plays for the Seattle Sounders and will live his first World Cup experience after qualifying in the final hexagonal of CONCACAF.

With 99 KG of weight, Roman Torres heads the list of the ten selected with more weight within the world cup. The Panamanian defender has always been known for being a great player, which in many cases has been beneficial in the defensive zone.

You can find more player data and stats about Roman Torres here.
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