San Mames stops Madrid

2018 Sep 16

The first braking of Bale and Benzema cost two points to Madrid. Both were able to San Mamés, a field that demands more cord than silk. And Isco soon entered, who led the plot in the second half. Athletic was a courageous and sturdy team until they ran out of fuel. And he defended well in the end with the veterans that Berizzo had saved at the beginning of the season.Way of the ninety years of League does not finish the Madrid of taking shelter in San Mamés, independently of if it catches Athletic to him the trance going up or down. Because the rojiblanca proposal is always the one of war and neither the Madrid of Lopetegui was in those.Berizzo proposed a game with pepper: double 4-1 start, with rush in the first pressure on Madrid, sporadic and selective individual chases, very bielsistas, and Williams defying the central speed. A lot of sweat for so little goal, the striker must think.Al Madrid overcame that emotion so typical of that stadium, more after traveling without an escort. Because Lopetegui dispensed with the departure of Casemiro, a player who does not want to file in fields like this.Modric does not take offHowever, after two minutes, Modric did not succeed on one occasion, as a pass from Asensio. And the very Balearic end, the best offensive cooling of Madrid, forced Unai Simón to a save by hand changed. But the white team was always subject to the stress of paying for their losses. His theatrical mastery did not take him far and, in addition, Marcelo's side was left open. De Marcos infiltrated there to prepare 1-0. Williams and Muniain touched the ball before it ended on the net. A goal that stunned Madrid, with Ceballos as little toned as Kroos and Modric, to which the return to school has taken hanging medals and looking at the salary. It was not able to change the step to the equipment before the rabid exit of the Athletic, with Raul Garci'a, Susaeta and Muniain in a species of effect horrendous, disturbing and annoying.That lasted what the Athletic forces, which broke the beating of the first time. Also the Muniain injury. Every change of Madrid was taking away pranks and giving him problems. Casemiro closed the exit, Isco changed the metabolism to the game. Bale raised his hand from the right. From there served the draw to Isco, who nodded on the fly and unguarded. Before, Unai Simón had denied Ramos a draw. And then, to Asensio, after magnificent control of the Balearic Islands. There Athletic is making a great goalkeeper. The final swing, two teams without a turn, was a veritable occasion. Lopetegui wanted to take advantage of the whirlwind with Lucas Vázquez. Berizzo wanted to stop him by removing Williams to fill the obstacle course in return. Mariano saw him from the bench. Getting out of there is going to cost a world. And explain it to the fan, even more.