Serie B Palermo, Stellone: We must dare more on the way

JUN 13, 2018

"It is certainly exciting to face Frosinone, I have spent important years there, just stopped playing we have built something important, bringing young people in the first team, leading the team in Serie A and now is a solid company with stadium and sports center. at the start whistle this will obviously be the past: it's a particular race but I'll try to reset it, I'm very focused ". So says Roberto Stellone, on the eve of the first leg of the playoffs for Serie A. "The strategy will be over 180 minutes - he adds - but the victory we want to get it right away and we will try to dare more in this first leg". "We will make a few changes by tactical choice - he explains - I do not know any real answers, only today in the test and in the tests on the inactive balls I will talk with the players and I will verify who will be the holders: I want players ready, but we have a wide pink that will allow us not to distort the characteristics of the team ".
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