Sevilla avoid in-extremis the shipwreck in Akhisar

NOV 9, 2018

A headless Sevilla saved in extremis a disaster in Akhisar. After having the game in hand to the rest (0-2, Nolito and Muriel), their headquarters gave a recital of chained nonsense that first propitiated the 1-2 of Elvis Manu, then the expulsion of Sergi Gomez after a penalty that Vural sent the limbo and finally in the 2-2 of Ayik that, for a moment, seriously compromised the classification of Sevilla. With ten players and absolutely knocked out, aware that he was bordering on the ridiculous, there appeared Mudo Vázquez prowling the area. Miguel Lopes, formerly bético, swallowed a manual cut of a manual left-hander. Banega converted the penalty and Sevilla breathed. His victory, combined with Standard's defeat, leaves him on track and if there is no unexpected shock he will be allowed to play first place against Krasnodar in Sánchez Pizjuán.

It was impossible to imagine a second part so crazy after such a rational start to a party. The weak Akhisar maintained his expert status as sweet as in Nervion and Sevilla, after some skirmishes in play-offs, confirmed his superiority with the goals of Nolito and Muriel after a beautiful individual action of Promes. There was no Turkish hell, no aggressiveness, no rival in front. Everything was an extraordinary routine until the three central Sevilla, Amadou, Gnagnon and Sergi Gomez began to forget that the coaches sometimes try with strings to penetrate the line of their defenses. In the 1-2 of Elvis Jose, Amadou and Gnagnon seemed to be dancing a tango. Things got worse when Sergi Gómez, still in shock for the previous play and with an absurd card accumulated in the first part, fell into the trap of Elvis Manu. Manu wanted to throw the penalty but the orders of Arslan finished with the ball in feet of Vural, that sent the penalty to the stick. But for Sevilla, the hell was not over. Ayik scored 2-2 and no one could claim then that these were to be the last bad news of the night. Luckily, Sevilla has a very special relationship with the competition and Mudo Vázquez had the wildcard of the public. Its masterful cut and the transformation of the penalty of Banega avoided the shipwreck of the pentacampeón in Akhisar.

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