Southgate: "We saw each other in the final and lost control"

2018 Jul 12

"In this competition the margin of error is small and we lost, we have made an incredible journey here," said the English coach.How do you rate this elimination ?: "I think we played very well in the first half, we controlled the situation and had opportunities to score the second goal." In the second half we were worse because we had the option of playing the World Cup final. Croatia also had a great second half, they have very high level players, and in the extra time things were much more equal, in this competition the margin of error is small and we lost, we have made an incredible journey here and we must highlight the role they played. these players. "Have you missed a unique opportunity ?: "When you get to this point and see how we played in the first half ... It's difficult to assimilate this moment, I want to re-emphasize the role these players played. the fans at the end is a reflection of what we have felt, England should be positive with their selection, the whole country has been watching us for the past few days, we appreciate it. "They have the option of being third ... "It is not the game you want to play, we have two days to prepare, we will try to make a good paper, there will be no doubts about it, we will win and be third. it's going to be difficult to assimilate in the next few hours that we have to play this game and not the final one. "Nor has Harry Kane appeared: "He has given absolutely everything for the team, he has been the captain of the team, he has done a great World Cup and we have to be happy, we were all good, but in the second time we did not have control of the match and the match has been a round trip.What conclusions do you draw for the future ?: "In the next few days we will be evaluating, there has been progress in our level with respect to the previous championships, this experience will serve us to be a winning team and these weeks of work They come in very well, nobody can guarantee that opportunities like today can be repeated, but we have to think that it is possible for us to be a team that plays the finals and semi-finals. "