Suso slows to a Betis without footprint

Suso slows to a Betis without footprint

2018 Nov 9

Betis signed a valuable tie against Milan in the Benito Villamarín that brings the classification of the verdiblancos a little closer to the next phase of the Europa League. A great both of Lo Celso overtook the Betis team in a brilliant first half, but the forces were minimized by the appearance of a decisive Suso that silenced Villamarín after the break. Look with optimism Betis his chances in this group F while still waiting to perfect his style face to react in the League.

It took just over ten minutes before Betis showed his intentions and reflected on the scoreboard: they combined Tello, Canales, Carvalho, Joaquín and Junior before the eyes of the Milan central before Lo Celso fulminated Reina within the area . Setién raised his arms, knowing that his philosophy of play was translated perfectly in a play that blew Benito Villamarín. If Milan had started with the engine on, the 1-0 suddenly turned it off. He touched and touched the Betis without any hint of pressure slowing down his momentum. Lo Celso drew dribbles and pulled upright to connect with Joaquin, an almost indecipherable piece for the Milanese defense. In another brilliant action of association Sanabria was about to sign the second of both team of green and white, become an avalanche before the eyes of a desperate Gattuso.

The break came in a context that reminded of last Sunday. Then the pupils of Setién did not know to handle its advantage before the audacity of Celta. Was there more to defend? The stage took on similarity reflexes: Milan pressed higher and their pressure damaged the exit of green-white ball, especially when Lo Celso and Joaquin asked for more air. Suso warned finding Pau López after a great shot and put the tables soon after in a poisoned foul that neither cleared the defense bética nor could detect Pau. Milan equalized when Betis fell asleep. The possession disappeared and Setién bet on Guardado to regain control and have more soul in the pressure. Almost surprised to Reina the Mexican after a mistake of the Spanish goalkeeper in the exit of ball.

Loren gave the relief to a gray Sanabria, but the one that found depth was Tello. The end found to the space a pass of Lo Celso and only Reina prevented that it annotated the second goal of the Betis. Neither Setién nor Gattuso sketched a smile after a draw that minimizes the green and white momentum and maintains in the air the improvement of Milan. The Betis looks at the Camp Nou with the same doubts about his strike and none about his style. Europe, yes, is another story. And a victory against Olympiacos in the next game would give the verdiblancos the passport to the next phase.

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