Tanger, a title in play and many novelties

Tanger, a title in play and many novelties

2018 Aug 12

The attention of Spanish football moves tonight to Tangier, Morocco, will be played for the first time the Supercopa of Spain abroad and a single game. The second project of Valverde, who arrives at the appointment as champion of League and Cup (in the end swept Sevilla), before the first project of Pablo Machín at the helm of the Andalusian team. And if some ingredient was missing to give more importance to the event, it will be the first official match in Spain that will feature the VAR (video arbitration). Spanish football moves and this game may be a starting point.

Deportiva, Barcelona is more incognito than Sevilla (follows the game live on As.com) because the starting eleven that Valverde will draw tonight at the Ibn Battouta stadium will look very little like the one he has used in the three pre-season matches played So far in the American tour, where the vast majority of internationals were missing and won no clash.

On the other hand, Sevilla have already played three official games corresponding to the previous rounds of the Europa League and, although the Andalusian team is still missing a piece to close its squad and some could leave, its performance is more predictable. It arrives more rolled, but the blaugrana artillery impresses.

Machín returns to face a Barcelona that could not win with the Girona in two games that raised very differently. In the first round, he bet to annul Messi with an individual mark of Maffeo, who avoided the Argentinian goals, but not the clear victory of Barça by 0-3. In the second match, there was no marking to the man and Messi retaliated by leading the win (6-1). Precisely, tonight's game will be the first opportunity to see Messi again after his time in the World Cup. For Leo to return to Barça is always a relief and more if it is a final that can place him as the most successful player in the history of the club in case of victory, his first match as first captain in an official way and have Sevilla in front, your favorite victim. What is not so clear is who will be his companions in the team. A lot of options open to Valverde and the one that could be closed for the quota of non-EU members will not exist either. So with the only safe loss of Sergi Roberto, who carries a penalty last year, and Denis, injured, the coach of Barça can start to combine their pieces. In fact, they travel all available to Tangier.

It may be the day to see Arthur partnering with Messi and the rest of the headlines after highlighting the tour playing alongside youth. The Brazilian midfielder is the signing that has more options to be headline tonight in Tangier.

Another of the unknowns that must clear the coach of Barça is the goal. Cillessen, who has played all of the preseason, claims more minutes and plans to leave. Ter Stegen does not seem to be for too many gestures and despite having played only 45 minutes in a friendly, will continue to maintain ownership if there is no surprise in a match that smells new.
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