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World Cup Qualification Women 2019 Overview

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Current Romania's team comprises:


  • Ana Maria Gaita
  • Eniko Kadar
  • Mirela Ganea
  • Roxana Mihaela Oprea
  • Sabina Adelaida Radu
  • Andrea Paraluta
  • Ruxandra Elena Neagu
  • Iulia Niculescu
  • Linda Kajtar
  • Lavinia Elisabeta Boanda


  • Alexandra Flesariu
  • Teodora Meluta
  • Maria Ficzay
  • Olivia Maria Oprea
  • Elena Georgiana Vasile
  • Bianca Sandu
  • Kinga Barabasi
  • Teodora Dragoescu
  • Andreea Corduneanu
  • Laura Desmerean
  • Melinda Magdolina Nagy
  • Adina Sabina Giurgiu
  • Adriana Mihaela Burtica
  • Anamaria Gorea
  • Tunde Mate
  • Elena Iuliana Pavel
  • Daniela Gurz
  • Melisa Sabrina Sodinca
  • Corina Olar


  • Alexandra Iusan
  • Georgiana Alina Birtoiu
  • Raluca Monica Sarghie
  • Stefania Iuliana Vatafu
  • Zsuzsanna Sinka
  • Andreea Tomescu
  • Nicoleta Deca
  • Ana Moraru
  • Rahela Gangal
  • Olga Iordachiusi
  • Ana Maria Stanciu
  • Lidia Havristiuc
  • Beata Ambrus
  • Andreea Voicu
  • Monika Sinka
  • Stefania Vatafu
  • Cristina Carp
  • Mara Batea
  • Oana Elena Negrea
  • Ioana Andrada Bortan
  • Beatrice Tarasila
  • Florentina Olar
  • Raluca Miruna Borodi
  • Erika Gered


  • Isabelle Mihail
  • Alexandra Lunca
  • Loredana Popa
  • Brigita Valeria Goder
  • Dariana Persida Indrei
  • Adelina cristina Costa
  • Roxana Gabriela Dinescu
  • Mihaela Ciolacu
  • Alicia Roca
  • Claudia Loredana Nica
  • Anne Marie Banuta
  • Nicoleta Barbos
  • Carla Larisa Sirbovan
  • Mariana Nina Anca
  • Cosmina Dusa
  • Andreea Laiu
  • Georgeta Cristina Sandu

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Romania Squad


No standings for the selected season.

Romania Stats for World Cup Qualification Women 2019

Position Matches Played Matches Won Matches Drawn Matches Lost Matches Scored Matches Conceded
4 6 8 1 2 5 7 15

Last results for World Cup Qualification Women 2019


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