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Campionato Sammarinese 18/19 Overview

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Current SS Folgore Falciano Calcio's team comprises:


  • Angelo Russo
  • Simone Venturini
  • Riccardo Scrape
  • Marco Temeroli
  • Davide Bicchiarelli
  • Luca Bianchi
  • Riccardo Raschi


  • Francesco Sartori
  • Manuel Ricci
  • Cristian Brolli
  • Nicola Marini
  • Stefano Lessi
  • Umberto Semeraro
  • Mirko Bartoli
  • Luca Paradisi
  • Andrea Sabbadini
  • Roberto Rosini
  • Francesco Bossa
  • Andrea Nucci
  • Fabio Sottile
  • Stefano Lessi
  • Manuel Iuzzolino
  • Alberto Semprini


  • Matteo Serafini
  • Lorenzo Dormi
  • Simone Perrino
  • Marco Berardi
  • Stefano Sacco
  • Luca Bonifazi
  • Francesco Quintavalla
  • Tomas Guidi
  • Luca Rossi
  • Riccardo Aluigi
  • Luca Bezzi
  • Michele Casadei
  • Manuel Muccini
  • Marco Ballarini


  • Marco Bernardi
  • Pier Giorgio Altissimi
  • Nicolo Venerucci
  • William Innocenti
  • Paolo Basile
  • Marco Domeniconi
  • Achille Della Valle
  • Imre Badalassi

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SS Folgore Falciano Calcio Squad


No standings for the selected season.

SS Folgore Falciano Calcio Stats for Campionato Sammarinese 18/19

Position Matches Played Matches Won Matches Drawn Matches Lost Matches Scored Matches Conceded
2 A 14 6 4 4 23 20

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