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Despite having high hopes before the season started, it has been a disappointing season so far for Watford. Sitting in 19 in the Premier League 19/20 their fans are disillusioned and feel let down. A lot of this is due to their inability to score goals. As everyone knows, if you can’t score then you can’t win. Even having too many draws can lead to a disappointing season as each game you are losing two points.

They aren’t having much luck defensively either. Currently Watford have let in 64 goals. This is far too many for a team with their aspirations, and when you consider that they have conceded this many in just 38 games it shows why they have struggled this season. They have conceded 1.68 goals per game. Unless they manage to stop the flow of goals going the wrong way, they are unlikely to be able to turn their season around.

With just 8 games won this season out of their 38 games played, their poor showing up front and at the back has caused them to be on a dismal run of form. Their win percentage for the season is just 34.21% and this is definitely not acceptable to Watford’s fanbase.

They have lost 3 games out of their last five. This shows that not only has their season been a disappointment, but they have also been unable to turn it around recently. This does not bode well for the future.

Stats for Premier League 19/20