The Atletico and one of those nights for history in the Metropolitan

The Atletico and one of those nights for history in the Metropolitan

2018 Nov 7

When Atletico jumped into the game, the stadium was already up, with no throat from minute one. Atleeeeti In the atmosphere of one of those nights, those of "to die mine die". And theirs came out with Kalinic, high pressure and cholista intensity. Dortmund was not in a hurry, comfortable in the transition, running without sweating. Atletico pushed, squeezed, but once Griezmann came in offside and another three Correa, which was already fuss, had no aim. Dortmund thought in Germany, he thought he could wait.

Little was by the Oblak area. Once there was Sancho, a bullet, always in the same corridor, the band of Juanfran, and flying over the danger in the Metropolitan, the memory of 4-0. But then that foot appeared, that of Saul, a German matagigantes. It was a collective play, in five touches, the ball was taken to the area by Saúl himself. Filipe raised his head, instead of finishing, and returned back. Strap that makes screen and lets pass, Kalinic that entertains and Saul who gets back to brew. The lights to him, to him and to his left foot. His shot was fired by Akanji, on the way to the net. At that time Saul was already running. His hand to the wind, the kiss on his tattoo. "Strength does not come from bodily capacity but from the will of the soul." It was a scream. The one of a whole stadium at a time. 61,023 people.

The Atleti was unleashed, he threw himself to hit the goal of Burki as if each of them was a demon, to avenge, electric and against, the defeat in Germany. For the shadows in the game, for the casualties, all the doubts and the steps back. Giménez's dry chut, Thomas's zapatazo, Filipe's shot, Correa's point-blank shot ... An avalanche on Burki. That it covered here, that it took out there, with the body, to corner, in a bath without soap. They were the best minutes of Atlético in this Champions League, in this season, in months, and only the goalkeeper prevented Dortmund at halftime from leaving with more injuries. Atleti, grown, immense, was a perfect football machine.

Correa was the danger, Giménez-Lucas the insurance back, the center was Rodrigo, widening his number to the back, that 14. Impeccable, perfect in coverage, planted before Reus to become a player without more, invisible. It was the end of the first half when the first shot on goal came from Dortmund. Achraf, to corner. The ball hit Giménez, he left it lying. Atletica went the Atleti without more goals in an inexplicable way and the heart percutiéndole ferocious in the chest. The Uruguayan did not return after the break.

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