The draw separates Benfica from the round of 16

The draw separates Benfica from the round of 16

2018 Nov 8

Benfica played it at home, against Ajax: a defeat would take him away at almost insurmountable distance from the next round. On the other hand, the Dutch wanted to seal, with two days still to play, the pass to the round of 16.

The Lisbon club was the protagonist in the early stages of the first half. Intensity and verticality were his weapons. At 30 seconds, the Spanish side, Grimaldo, threw from 30 meters, the ball ends in the hands of Onana. With the passage of minutes, Benfica lost verticality and the game entered a phase of lethargy, until the goal of Benfica in 27 ', the result of a mixture of errors. The first of Onana, who stung of cockiness and sought to cut Jonas in his own area. The ball ended in throw in favor of the locals. The second mistake was played by the Ajax defenders. The ball, hanging to the area, walked without any Dutch player or goalkeeper Onana could clear it. Jonas, the Lisbon leader, was waiting at the far post with an empty goal.

Until the 47 'Ajax did not have a clear chance. Schöne with a distant foul, which Oddisseas saved after a dangerous boat in the penalty area, left the ball dead and the goalkeeper sold Lisbon. Neither Van de Beek nor De Jong guessed right.

The second part started with a Benfica looking for the second goal and thus close the game. The fortune smiled to the Ajax, that was living his worse moments in the party, in the 61 '. Ziyech filtered a pass to the back of Dias and Jardel, and Tadic, on the second attempt, put the tie on the scoreboard.

The goal put out Benfica. The Dutch paused their game and began to make the draw good. The Benfica did not reach the goal of Onana and so little by little the party died. However, the hearts of Benfica supporters when the referee whistled in his favor in the last minute of the match. Gabriel Pires, ex-Leganés, had it in his boots but Onana fixed his fault in the goal of the Portuguese and took the ball on the line.

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