The era of France: three World Cup finals in the last 20 years

2018 Jul 12

The team that runs Deschamps will play on Sunday the third World Cup final since 1998, thus beating Germany and Brazil.The last two decades in the World Cups could be considered the era of France. Since 1998, the year in which he won the title playing at home in Saint Denis, there is no other team in the world that has managed to reach so many finals. The 2018 will be the third in the last six World Cups. In addition to the already mentioned, and won, of 1998, the bleus lost that of 2006. Now they have the opportunity to return to conquer the title in Russia, in what would be his second entorchado and would reach in this way in the palmares to Uruguay and Argentina.The era of France has had Didier Deschamps as the main protagonist. He was the captain of the national team when he was proclaimed world champion in 1998; Now, 20 years later, he is the coach of a team that in some respects reminds him of that. There is no doubt that the winning mentality of the Generation of '98 has invaded the following. In fact, France had lost the first three disputed World Cup semifinals (1958, 1982 and 1986) and nevertheless won the last three (1998, 2006 and 2018).In the history of the World Cups, only four teams have played more finals than France. They are Germany (8), Brazil (6), Italy (6) and Argentina (5). That is to say, this impulse of recent years has placed France among the best selections in history and undoubtedly the best of the last two decades. Now he must corroborate this good moment by winning the final on Sunday, something that was resisted in 2006 and also in the last Euro, his last two finals.Two Confederations and one EuroIn addition to being present in three World Cup finals, the French team has also had success in other tournaments such as the Confederations Cup and the European Championship. The Gauls conquered the Confecup in 2001 and 2003, in the editions of Japan-Korea and France. In addition, they also won the Eurocup in 2000, in Belgium and the Netherlands. Two years ago, acting as locals, they lost the final in Saint Denis against Portugal, although they returned to savor a final. In total there have been seven finals in the last 20 years.