The great goals of World Cup history

The great goals of World Cup history

2018 Jun 13

The 1-7 of Germany to Brazil is considered popularly the best by round and context but there is more like the exciting Austria 7-Switzerland 5 of the World Cup 54.

The World Cup is the summit of football. The tournament with more tradition and more prestige besides one of the most difficult to achieve because of the extreme competitiveness, the difficulty to qualify and the frequency of the tournament, an exciting football month practically every day.

Although, as we said, equality is the maximum of the tournament and surprises are never lacking but there are times when the balance is imbalanced shamelessly for one side and fans enjoy thrashing for history. In As, we review the most outstanding of all the history of the World Cups.
The modern Maracanazo: Brazil 1-7 Germany (Brazil 2014)

Like a sugar in a big cup of coffee. That is how Brazil broke up in Maracana in the semifinals of a World Cup against Germany, giving rise to the Modern Tragedy, in capital letters, of Brazilian football. The semifinal started with the worst news. Brazil would play the most important game of the championship if its star, Neymar, after he fell seriously injured in the game against Colombia. The 10 could barely move and in fact neither went to the stadium to see him with his teammates.

The party did not follow the expected script in any way. Without reaching the minute 15, Müller took advantage of a general dismissal of the defense of the canarinha to make the 0-1. The match started badly but the worst was yet to come. From the minute 23 to the 29, the Brazilians suffered, literally, nine minutes of real torture. Four times the Teutons were planted in the area and scored goals with an unusual superiority. Without reaching the half hour, Germany already knew that it would be in the final since Brazil lost by 0-5. The crowd was already crying disconsolately but Schürrle made the rent even more embarrassing for the Brazilians by making the last two Germans. Óscar closed the scoring making, possibly, the less celebrated goal of any semifinal of a World Cup.
The best in history: Hungary 8- Germany 3 (Switzerland 54)

Two of the most powerful selections of the time were framed in the group stage in the World Cup in Switzerland 1954, Hungary and Federal Germany. Before their confrontations, both teams won with authority. Magical Magyars, as it was nicknamed that selection, won with an authoritarian 9-0 to South Korea and the Germans also swept their rival. They endorsed a 4-1 to Turkey.

On the second day, they faced Hungary and Germany with a totally unexpected result at St-Jacob Park. Magical Magyars were squeezed to the last drop to endorse a unique 8-3 with a legendary performance by Sandor Kocsis, who put a 'poker' to one of the best selections ever. Ferenc Puskas scored a single goal and ended up injured, which prevented him from playing the quarterfinals and the semifinals. Hidegkuti made a double and Toth would do the same.

Coincidentally, both teams met again in the final of the tournament. The Hungarians lost the final by 2-3 in a match known in Germany as "the miracle of Bern".
"Suddenly we fell asleep, and when we woke up we were losing 3-2," Puskas said of the final.
Germany-Hungary, World Cup match of Switzerland 1954

Magician's only goal: Hungary 10- El Salvador 1 (Spain 82)

In 1982, Martínez Valero de Elche lived a historic match. In principle, a Hungary-El Salvador would not seem like the most attractive match of the entire World Cup but those who went to the feud of Elche that afternoon or saw it on television went to a real show, the biggest win in the history of the World Cups. football.

El Salvador debuted in the World Cup against Hungary with some tranquility as it was the easiest opponent of the group that also shared with Argentina and Belgium but the game was a nightmare for Salvadorans, who arrived from their country the previous day after chaining a number huge number of flights to reach Alicante. "We were in the air two full days and arrived in Alicante physically liquidated and with the lag of the biological clock nine hours ahead that Europe had. The night before the debut we could not roll our eyes and at noon the following day we were falling asleep "added goalkeeper Ricardo Guevara years later.

Kiss made three, Nyilasi two, Fazekas another pair and Szentes and Pölöskei completed the win. The only Salvadoran goal was scored by Pelé Zapata at the pass of Jorge 'Magico' Gonzalez, a move that precisely served Cadiz to decide on his signing.
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