The Italians certainly give Puscas to Palermo. The striker is already in Sicily

AUG 7, 2018

Palermo transferred George Puscas to this season to get back into Serie A, notes the Italians at The Romanian striker is already in the capital of Sicily and will shortly sign the Rosaine team. Puscaş was the first goal for Palermo this summer, which is also evident in the game in the overture of the new season in the Italian Cup, 1-1 with Vicenza, 6-5 after the penalty shoot-outs.According to the source, Sicilians will pay Inter to 3 million euros for the definitive transfer, and the player has been prepared a contract as he wished for five years. He will be the first Romanian to work at the club of President Maurizio Zamparini, who in 2007 made Adi Mutu gypsy after a goal scored in Fiorentina's shirt.Puscaş was always wanted by the Sicilian fans, who constantly assaulted the club's socialization pages with the same question, whether or not the Romanian striker will come and when the transfer will take place.On one side, the image of the Romanian in Italy is very good, especially after the performance of Novara's shirt, which he still wanted, but an incredible relegation in the last stage put an end to any collaboration, Pushas unwilling to play in third division.Puscaş was also in the attention of League 1 Betano clubs, especially those from Craiova University and FCSB.
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