The Madrid keeps the stuck

The Madrid keeps the stuck

2018 Aug 12

Strangely, Madrid did not want to stage the new project taking the center of the field for the photo to its four new faces, Courtois, Vinicius, Odriozola and Lunin. Nor did a family photo of the homegrown players who will be on the squad as he used to do other years. The presentation of Lopetegui's project was discreet about the game but, at least, the team is still stuck without a Christian. Bale and Benzema responded with a goal each, Keylor claimed responsibility with four stops of merit and Mayoral fished the last with a header at pleasure. The eleven will be the one of the Supercopa with the only doubt that Modric (newcomer) can enter through Asensio.

The game started with two thunders. Many of the tourists in the stands had not even had time to settle into the seat when Madrid had braided a good play on the right. Bale found the gap between the defense to get the ball to Carvajal, very active all the time he was on the field. Benzema went ahead to Calabria to take advantage of his center measured at the far post. An action of nine from the French, it seems that Cristiano's departure has also reactivated him. It was minute 2. And Milan would only take another couple of minutes to respond. Keylor struggled to get a first shot from Borini. The ball fell to Higuain who did not think about it and plugged it in from the top of the area. The effect of his shot, which came so tight to the long stick, made the ball move away from Keylor. It was impossible for him. Fate has these things, Pipita scored his first rossonero goal at the Bernabéu.

If Keylor has had pressure the last three years, with Madrid looking for substitute again and again, the ghost has finally become flesh and is called Courtois. Now every action is a test for him. It must be hard to live with that, but the newcomer, Courtois, will have a similar feeling when he plays. Because Keylor is going to fight him the position. He showed it in a direct free from Bonaventura very close to the post. The Costa Rican stopped her after making a gliding flight that seemed eternal. Before that, he was also fine when he took out a lateral center from Suso, the best player in Milan is Spanish, who were attacking several Milan players.

Madrid lacked the pace it did have in some sections of the North American tour. Three of the eleven starters, Casemiro, Marcelo and Varane, played their first minutes. They were noticed, especially, the first two. High blood pressure did not work or cost. The first part was thick after that start so exciting. A monotony that only broke Asensio with a couple of movements in the area that led to danger. Being false nine has become a trade for him and he is learning it little by little. And just when the first 45 minutes were fulfilled Bale advanced again to Madrid with a point-blank shot to Donnarumma. The ball fell to the foot, in the small area, after a semifallo head shot from Varane on a corner kick by Asensio.

Lopetegui sat Marcelo on the break and Nacho came in his place. Ceballos occupied the position of Casemiro. That gave Madrid a little air. Then began the carousel of changes: Marcos Llorente, Reguilón ... Milan took advantage of that moment of disorder to stretch in search of a draw. The change from Bacca to Higuain (the Argentinian was cheered) gave another boost to the attack of Gattuso's team. In the minute 60 'Lopetegui still had not given entry to any of the signings. The stands began to think about Courtois when Keylor got the first commitment. First he took a low shot from Bacca with the fingertips, then, he made a mess with the ball on his feet. Everything was a shock.

In the 76th minute Lopetegui made a massive change. Seven men among which were Vinicius and Lunin, an unglamorous way to debut. Odriozola, touched, did not come out. His dream of being a starter in Tallinn vanishes. And Courtois saw everything from the bench. I had only done two previous workouts. De Tomás did not have minutes either. You must search for equipment. Mayoral fished the third at will, pushing a rebound from Donnarumma to Modric's shot. And there was no time for more. Tallinn will be the first chapter.
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