The Numancia is erased from the Copa del Rey with two autogoles

SEP 14, 2018

The Numancia was erased from the tournament that made it known nationally. Two goals in own door were enough to forget the tournament and that Sporting go ahead without major efforts. Both teams raised a similar game. With significant rotations, up to ten in the Numancia in relation to the last league game. The men from Baraja were defending the timid offensive actions of the Sorians for the first few minutes. Higinio had two chances in a row, finishing off with a head, badly, two corners. The Numancia was faithful to the idea, always leaving the ball controlled and again abusing the support behind. The gijonés team with band actions, pressed up and looking for actions by the center, extremely delicate place of the rojillos. Viguera had the best chance. Nacho center was the forward Rioja who finished and Juan took the ball on the same goal line. But bad luck put on the Numancia shirt. Two goals in three minutes against the goal of Campos and the two through mediation of team mates. The first, a foul thrown by Hernán was combed back by Higinio making useless the stretched of the goalkeeper.Later and assimilating the error, Grego finished at point-blank range and also of head a corner against the goal that defended. That was when the players of Lopez Garai looked for the rival goal with more verticality. Mateu could have cut distances after a bad exit of fists of Mariño but he shot with the right hand outside.After the break Numancia managed to close the gap thanks to a header from the youth squad Marcos. The center-back jumped more than his pair in a foul and managed to get the ball into Mariño's goal. The Sorians played better, assimilating more the concepts of the technician. The Sporting was with the circumstance of defending and leaving quickly against. A good chance was for Morillas after a good personal play but Campos managed to deflect the ball. The locals ended up desperate for their fans to go behind on the scoreboard and continue playing back, without looking for the rival goal.
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