The referee who blew the penalty from Lo Celso to Kroos will direct Spain's debut

2018 Jun 14

The Real Madrid players who play for the 2018 World Cup with the Spanish team know Gianluca Rocchi very well this season. And surely they will keep a good memory of Italian. The referee, appointed for the debut of Spain, led the famous game at the Santiago Bernabéu between the white club and Paris Saint Germain this season in the round of 16. The balance of cards is not the same between the white club and the team of the French capital. Real Madrid had two yellow cards while PSG received four cautions. However what is most remembered of that match is the penalty that the Italian whistled against the Parisian club. A disputed penalty from the Argentinian Lo Celso on KroosThe debut of Spain at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, against the current European champion Portugal, will be refereed by Italian Gianluca Rocchi. A high-voltage match for an experienced referee, a traditional of the Champions League and Europa League qualifiers. FIFA is designating, according to the first known referees, experienced referees for the big matches of the group stage. In any case, the members will always be accompanied by the application of the VAR and the help that this supposes.But the meringues are not the only ones who know him, it is the case of Diego Costa, Koke or Saúl Ñíguez, the Atlético de Madrid players, who met him in the semifinals of the Europa League between the Atletico club and Arsenal. The referee took six yellow cards distributed between the two teams.