The Spain of the imperial era

2018 Oct 12

In three months of work, Luis Enrique has already posted two medals: to reduce the decibels of failure in the World Cup to zero despite having landed without a parachute in an official competition and convincing the team that the friendlies are not bathing and massage sessions, but a continuous evaluation. Cardiff's duel left an impression as pleasant as the previous one against a rival clumsy and without the ardor that is supposed to the British selections. The escort of the absent Bale is very fragile. And the artillery of Spain, huge: 12 goals in three games.Without warning, football opens, from time to time, great anticyclones in the stormy race of a player. Alcácer, in the case that concerns us. He was not seen at Barça. Or they could not see his technicians, one of them Luis Enrique. In summer, he left on loan to the German Borussia, who also lived better times, and missed the first game due to muscular discomfort. Then he played a game and three little minutes and scored seven goals. And eight minutes into Cardiff's duel he made the eighth of the course and twenty minutes later the ninth. All with that air of nine (parabellum) with silencer, little participatory but more attentive than anyone to detect what is lost in the area of ​​truth. With a tremendous right and a sly touch, he shelved the game, with Ramos's header unguarded in the middle of his goal scorer's sandwich. Do not wait outside the area, but do not lose sight of him: eight goals in 14 games with La Roja, which he has not been wearing for two years. Who'd say.Without rhetoric and with a goalFor the rest, the game was a monologue from Spain, which dwarfed the 19 th world team from its technical superiority without wasting fuel. Luis Enrique set up a Selection more holder behind than before and without any culé for the first time in three years. A team in his image and likeness, which does not run away from the style but from the rhetoric that drove us from the World Cup. A selection of little talk. He got the three he had in the first half without that invasive obsession of the past. He did his job without extending the procedures, but without handing the ball to Wales and without letting him answer.And the technician took notes for the future. The athletic Rodrigo, a great player, gets closer and closer to Busquets, Ceballos squeezes, Suso's left is a glove (he gave two goals and sent a shot very close to the crossbar), Morata took a ten in pawn ... And De Gea left an excess of sight in a header to the stick of Ampadu. That was the only appreciable trace of a failed World Cup.The changes, as usual, disfigured the duel. And Wales, with the defeat in the loins, changed their initial 3-4-3 by a back four to make their defeat less painful. Lost the game it was convenient not to break the moral for what arrives: Ireland. Spain also changed players and registration. Koke returned, Jonny debuted and tried Luis Enrique to Kepa and Bartra, who also scored in his return with a precise header from the corner, and play with three nines. But the vertigo of the first act gave way to the pause of the second. Only then did Spain look at England and Vokes consoled Wales.