The TAS cancel sanction and Milan will be able to play the Europa League

The TAS cancel sanction and Milan will be able to play the Europa League

2018 Aug 7

The Milan was able to annul the sanction imposed in his day by the UEFA that separated to him this next season of the European competitions and thanks to the resolution of the Tribune, of Arbitraje Deportivo (TAS, by its abbreviations in French) will be able to take part of the Europa League , which will fall again the Fiorentina that had been aupada to the tournament for the punishment to the rossonero club.

The CAS also decided to re-send the case back to the European federation to take a proportionate disciplinary action on the Italian club.

In a statement, the TAS said it is confirmed that the Italian club violated the rules of financial fair play of UEFA, in particular at the point of balance, but the court considered "disproportionate" the penalty to exclude him from participating in the next competition European for which it had been classified.

The CAS panel that studied the case considered that the UEFA Award Chamber that imposed the sanction "did not properly evaluate some elements" when it made its decision, "in particular that the club's financial situation is now better after the recent change in owners ".

He also decided to move the matter back to the aforementioned UEFA chamber at the club's request and because he understands that "the Award Chamber is in" a better position than the panel to determine a proportionate disciplinary measure based on the current financial situation. " Of the entity.
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UEFA decided to remove Milan from any continental tournament this coming year for violating the rules of the financial Fair Play, which provoked the reaction of the executives of the club covering in other cases such as Paris Saint Germain or Manchester City to be investigated by the control commission of the continental body have not suffered any punishment of such proportions.

The UEFA Award Chamber decided the punishment for estimating that Milan had breached the financial fair play rules between the months of July 2014 and June 2017, having invested nearly 200 million euros in transfers last year and causing his sanction. The entrance of a new fund of investment in the club supported the theses of the team of lawyers of the entity, that finally obtained that the TAS revoked the sanction that was imposed to him in the month of May.

In this way, Milan, who finished last season in sixth place in Serie A, will enter directly into the group stage of the Europa League, returning Atalanta, seventh, to the dispute of the previous tie and being Fiorentina the great injured. The viola club, which finished eighth, was informed by the Italian federation, by UEFA communication, of its right to play the previous phase when Atalanta entered directly in the group stage for the sanction to Milan.

However, the team led by Gatusso and which has invested 27 million euros in the signings of Kalinic, Halilovic and Borini, in addition to the arrivals with the freedom card of Pepe Reina and Strinic, will be able to play in Europe, with the financial benefit what this will mean for your accounts.
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