Touch, play, believe, create and score to win

Touch, play, believe, create and score to win

2018 Oct 13

Las Palmas will look today to return to the path of victories after the defeat against Sporting de Gijón and the draw against Alcorcón. The sensations transmitted by the yellow team are more good than bad, although the lack of goal, with about 200 minutes without scoring, they do encourage a talk about a certain dependence Rubén.

That is why today's is a good touchstone against a strong team in their own fiefdom that plays open and doing good football. The yellows want to send, create and score to win.

Everything points to Fidel, on the left, in the return of what was his hobby, be a starter, with Tana at the half point to supply balls Ruben, not ruling out the option to see Sergio Araujo start, which the time he was in the last match showed details of his enormous potential, although everything seems to be going slowly getting into the games.

Almeria, meanwhile, returns to the scene after the Cordoba broke the good run (four consecutive wins, three of them, league). And it does with two sensitive casualties, undeniable players in the triumphs of the rojiblancos. Juan Ibiza had to be substituted in the first half in the New Arcángel and it seems difficult for him to arrive for the match, after being all week between cottons. Trujillo will be your substitute.

On the other hand, Fran Fernández counts with the loss of Corpas, expelled in Cordovan lands. The Almeria technician shuffles several alternatives as a replacement for the former Marbella. The most logical option and the one with the most options is the entry in the Chema eleven, which is performing well. Narváez could also enter, including Aguza, forming trivot in midfield, including Adri Montoro to form with a double side.
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