Two goals from the Galician and one from Carlos Soler revive Valencia in the Champions League.

Two goals from the Galician and one from Carlos Soler revive Valencia in the Champions League.

2018 Nov 8

Mestalla saw his Valencia win at last. Those of Marcelino fulfilled in their first 'final' really. It was thanks to the inspiration of Santi Mina and Carlos Soler. To this and also to that they countered with talent the brusque game of the Young Boys. Valencia, in addition, had the success that was missing in so many other games this year and added his first victory in the Champions League, which allows him to keep intact his chances of qualifying for the knockout stages. He continues to depend on himself, on what he does during his visit to Turin (November 27) and, above all, on the last day of the visit to Manchester United's Mestalla (December 12).

The celebration of Mina's first goal was liberation. Of emotions contained for a long time. The luck that had been elusive to Valencia in so many other games this time did not spawn with them. At least the rebound after auction Carlos Soler stick fell to the Galician striker and not to any of the three defenses that roamed the area. Mina celebrated him as LeBron James, although there was fury in each of his stomping feet. Coquelin waved his closed fist with all his genius and the arms of Gabriel and Garay merged with Neto's. What was said: liberation.

Marcelino stopped rotating. Repeated the eleven of Girona and with it put muscle in the midfield: Kondogbia and Coquelin, and thank goodness. The Young Boys, with the permission of the Romanian Kovács, inflated to kick without any consequences in the form of cards. Ngamaleu could well be sent off before the break. By accumulation and also by exceeding the regulation. In fact, Seoane replaced him so as not to play with fire anymore. And precisely from a lack puncture of Sanogo to Coquelin came the goal of Assalé, who 10 'earlier had warned Neto that the Swiss are in Champions for something.

But at Valencia, this time, the kicks hurt more than the draw of the Swiss. Those of Marcelino did not enter depression after the goal conceded. Rather it enraged them, shook their self-esteem and just five minutes later Mina put things back in place. Curious the data: 26 times against Girona or a goal, three shots until that moment against Young Boys, a stick and two celebrations. This is soccer, capricious.

Mina, this summer, they took him away from a friend (Zaza) and they signed him for 19 million to two rivals for the position. However, Gameiro heard how Mestalla got up to cheer the Galician when he replaced him, while the French received him with (loose) whistles. The return of Mina has been a blessing for Marcelino (Ebro and Young Boys give an account of it) and also for Rodrigo, that for whatever it may be - maybe it's just a matter of freshness - he plays better by his side.

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