Vallecas, Copa judge and the takeoff of Rayo and Leganes

2018 Dec 4

The Cup, half full or half empty? Rayo and Leganés look at it with optimism, as an opportunity for the less usual in the League and the younger of two overpopulated squads (of 26 and 28 players, respectively). From the perspective of the footballers it is a good opportunity to claim . From the technicians, from a great scenario where you can try other plans to apply in your struggle for permanence. The common goal for both. They, Míchel and Pellegrino, prefer to see the Cup half full.

And is that the two teams have reasons to smile. Rayo, finally, was reunited with the victory against Eibar and gave his audience the first of the course. While the Leganés chained his second consecutive win (Alavés and Valladolid). The pepineros arrive thrown after visiting Zorrilla, in what supposed his first victory at home after 13 months and the most bulky in First.

In addition, the Cup is a thorn stuck in the Vallecana skin. He stepped on a semifinal in the 81-82 - fell at the hands of Sporting - and has never come back so far. Most recent have the pepineros, who last season won at the Bernabeu and signed their passport to semis - Sevilla eliminated them--. Rewriting history is another stimulus for them and Pellegrino knows how to do it ... his Alavés reached a final against Barça.

These neighbors have become intimate 'enemies'. This course has already been played four times: in two friendlies, in the League and in the first leg. The Leganés never lost. On this occasion, both technicians will rotate. Míchel will bet on Alberto in the goal and Pellegrino, on Lunin. The visitors, in addition, will repeat the defense of three power stations and El Zhar will be one of the novelties. There will be many in Vallecas, like the kick-off. This time, in charge of Rayo player Eva Alonso, a whole U17 world champion.