Vidal: "I'm happy at Barcelona"

2018 Oct 12

The Chilean Arturo Vidal said today that he is "happy" at Barcelona and considered that "nice moments" come on his team, where he has been relegated to the substitution."I am happy and I know that beautiful moments come, where I will enjoy and do what I know how to do," Vidal commented in an interview offered from the US city of Miami to Peruvian radio station RPP Noticias.In the pre-friendly clash between Peru and Chile in the United States, the player, 31, also ruled out some versions that indicated that he is one of the veterans trying to "make the team" to coach Reinaldo Rueda."That makes me laugh, I've never been in a team where players send and choose players," he said.He emphasized that Chile has in Rueda a coach "who knows a lot about football" and reiterated that he "nobody, not the best player in the world, can tell a coach" which players to put."Clearly, the Rueda is a nice process, which is being built with young players and the old ones that we are also," he said.Vidal considered, in addition, "a mistake" a controversial inscription made by the players of Chile in the locker room of the National Stadium in Lima in 2015 after a match of the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup."Of course you should not do that, but they are things that happen, moments that you live in the moment and do not think, clearly it was a mistake," he said.At the end of his comment on that inscription, which read "Respect, here the Champion of America passed," Vidal said: "It was not me."