Wolfsburg: A championship comeback

Wolfsburg: A championship comeback

2018 Jun 5

The history of Wolfsburg and how he managed to be champion of Germany is that of a team that emerged after the Second World War of a city that emerged from the ashes of the First. That he spent half his life in the underworld of German football, going from step to step. And that he received the necessary help -day but in time- to assault the throne of the great.

Wolfsburg was founded in 1945, so it can be said that it is a fairly recent club. Not in vain, the city itself is also, since it was founded just seven years before to house the workers of the plant where the cars of the Volkswagen were produced.

After a long period climbing regional categories in 1992 reaches the German Second Division. Only five years later he became a Bundesliga team for the first time and during the first decade he is a team that maintains the type. Even get to put in European positions.

After two consecutive years in which it flirts with the descent, it gets the big push from the Volkswagen, when the car company, the main engine of the city, acquires 100% of the club's shares in 2007. Its economic injection was key for his great success, which would come in just two years.

The first step of the new owners was to sign Felix Magath, who has just been fired from the bench of Bayern Munich. It is the first piece of your great project. The investment in signings amounts to 30 million euros to make a practically new staff. Among them, come the two most expensive signings that, in the end, would be the most profitable: Grafite (4.5 million) and Dzeko (4 million).

That first 'new' season serves Wolfsburg to achieve fifth place, its best result in the Bundesliga. The team surprises by its soccer and it is begun to take seriously, although nobody arrives to predict what will happen the following campaign.

With a new facelift (up to nine signings), but with their struts present, Wolfsburg, starts the season of his life, 2008-09. Curiously, he does not do it in the best way, with only two victories in six days. The equipment takes time to carbure. Quite. The first round ends with a poor number: ninth to nine points of leadership shared by Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich.

Aim for season of the old, half board. But then Magath clicks. Find the Holy Grail and the team becomes a missile. With a very inspired Dzeko and Grafite, his second round is a scandal: 14 wins, one draw and two defeats. And both players finish at the top of the scorers' table, with 26 and 28 goals, respectively.

Chaining 10 consecutive victories, including some as significant as the defeat to Bayern 5-1, as it was the final blow. After that review of the champion, take the lead for the first time. Despite falling by surprise against Cottbus, who is playing permanence, his comeback is unstoppable. Golea at Hoffenheim 4-0. On the other hand, it falls with a crash a day later with Stuttgart (4-1). The Bayern, with its winning gene, does not give its arm to twist and it ties to him in the classification.

Wolfsburg have three difficult games left with the pressure of the rookie in those games. But his pulse does not tremble: he comfortably defeats Dortmund (3-0), makes a hand at Hannover (0-5) and puts the rubric before his people against Werder Bremen. A 5-1 to seal the first Bundesliga of its history.

That afternoon in May was the highlight of a team that could not keep up. Magath left the project on his way to Schalke and little by little his figures left. He had a slight awakening in the 2014-15 campaign, when he finished runner-up, although far from Bayern, and won his only German Cup.

In the following season he won the German Super Cup and had Real Madrid on the ropes in the Champions' quarter-finals the following season. However, currently lives its worst stage since he came to the Bundesliga, saving the skin in the promotion the last two seasons. Of course, you can still say that it has never dropped.
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