Xolos defeated Chivas in Day 1 of the Opening 2018

2018 Jul 22

The border team added its first three points of the championship with a tight victory over the Sacred Flock, despite the performance of Gudiño. Chivas lived his first game without Matías Almeyda, which ended in defeat in Tijuana. With a score of two goals against one, Xolos added his first units of the 2018 Apertura in Liga MX and gave a good impression to his fans. Juan Martín Lucero and José Rivero marked the annotations of the victory, while José Van Rankin kept alive the hopes of the Sacred Flock.The team led by Diego Cocca took the victory in the last 15 minutes on the set piece. A charge from the corner was combed by Lucero, who sent the round to the second post, position in which Rivero appeared and with a certain definition, marked the definitive and lethal 2-1 for the commitment on the border.Xolos found the advantage goal in a very good play on a corner kick. The charge went to the second post, where a auctioneer appeared, only that he became an attendant, since he placed the ball inside the smallest rectangle of the field, right where Lucero appeared to make a second contact with the head, which was unstoppable for Raúl Gudiño.The draw came with speed and its author was the least expected player. The play began with several touches in three quarters of court, until finally, Orbelín Pineda decided to put the ball inside the area. The midfielder found in Van Rankin his ideal partner, who entered with speed to the danger zone and defined with power to avoid any saving intervention of Miguel Lajud.