Zaragoza imposes its success against Deportivo

Zaragoza imposes its success against Deportivo

2018 Sep 13

Real Zaragoza will be in the next draw of the Copa del Rey. In a tie marked by the morbid return of Natxo Gonzalez to La Romareda, the Aragonese team asserted its greatest success and eliminated a Deportivo who sold his luck face and squeezed in the second half. Papu and Pombo signed the Aragonese goals, while Cartabia shortened distances for Depor.

The rotations were massive in both teams. Idiákez only kept three starters (Javi Ros, James and Pombo), while in the eleventh of Natxo he only repeated the Danish Krohn-Delhi.

Zaragoza began at full gallop and came forward with an imposing right hand of Georgian Papu from outside the area, a goal celebrated by Romareda very curdled by the public (no less than 18,500 spectators) and received nails Natxo Gonzalez. Deportivo tried to equalize the disadvantage, but their phases of dominance in the first half lacked depth and intention. It was Zaragoza, with its overwhelming pressure after loss and its marked offensive profile, which came more and more clearly to Ortolá's area, although the scoreboard did not move again.

The Depor was sharpened in its passage by the rest, but the one that struck right away was again the Saragossa. Pombo pitched a header in the middle of Swiss Buff and put the tie in franchise. But just three minutes later, in the 53 ', Fede Cartabia, the most active of the Coruñeses, took advantage of a pass from Expósito to stand before Mouse and beat him with subtlety and precision. The 2-1 stirred Deportivo, who took control of the match and had the tie in the boots of Victor Garcia.

Natxo then added more dynamite to his team with the entry of Carlos Fernandez and the visiting domain became more obvious. Idiákez responded by putting the striker Álvaro and Soro, the new pearl of the Aragonese youth academy, in the field, but Zaragoza did not shake the suffering anymore.

Deportivo went into the tie on a couple of occasions, especially in a shot from Krohn-Delhi to the post, but it lacked success to take the duel to extra time.
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