Half Time Full Time Bets

04 February 2019

If you are used to browsing the sites of the bookmakers, you have probably already noticed that they offer a wide range of bets. This choice is, of course, an asset and allows bettors to win as much as possible by betting on multiple combinations. On the other hand, beginners in this field may feel totally lost in the face of so many choices and not know exactly what the characteristics of these multiple types of bet are. This is why we have chosen to present the specificities of the most represented bets on the bookmakers websites.

The specifics of the half time full time bets

As the name suggests, betting on half time full time bets will require you to guess the half time and  or full time results of a sports event. This type of bet is often offered on team sports and is particularly appreciated by those wagering on football.Half time full time bets usually have very attractive odds. Indeed, this kind of bet is rather complicated to win if you compare it to the classic bets. But the odds can sometimes reach absolutely juicy amounts if you choose to bet on two different results. If you choose, for example, to bet on a match between Manchester City and Bayern Munich and you think that Manchester will score the first goals and lead to half time, but that Bayern Munich will still win the match, you can enjoy odds of over 20.
half time

How to use HT/FT bets ?

Half time full time bets require an absolute flair, but also a certain amount of nerve. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to predict which team will lead the game in the first half and who will win the competition. You must be extremely vigilant and learn as much as possible about the game before placing your bet. In addition, if you start to know how a team plays and you think you can guess what the outcome of its next meeting will be, then jump on the opportunity and try your luck on the half time full time bet.

Our opinion on this bet

This kind of bet is tempting for punters looking for big odds. Indeed, thanks to half time and full time bets punters will be able to win a lot more money in case of good odds than with much less risky bets. It is also wise to use this type of bet for a team that tends to repeat the same match scenarios. Indeed, in this way, it will be much easier for savvy bettors to place a good prognosis to pocket a max of gains.If the half time full time bets allow you to win a lot, it is important to know perfectly how to use them to be able to reap all the benefits. Indeed, this kind of bet is rather difficult to predict and only a great control of the bets will allow the bettors to win. Thus, if you have just started your adventure in sports betting, we strongly advise you to turn to much less daring bets to start with so as not to squander your bankroll at the outset.

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