Atletico Madrid , draw after draw

04 February 2019

Coast was engaged in that play with Bernardo, leaving him to tip a hysterical, when the fourth referee raised the poster: "Seven minutes." Seven more than one match that had been an exchange of punches, decided more by errors of others than by own successes. Those last seven were round trip. But Iraizoz returned to take another hand that saved his team, now against Gelson, and Savic gave away a ball in the area that Portu did not reach. Eusebio was breathing, for a while he was eating his nails on the bench. Cholo did it half-way, he would leave Montilivi as he arrived: without having yet won Girona. His match by match has changed to a draw. Take four straight away from home. 1-1 was yesterday. And so it is difficult to aspire to a League.

And that his approach was brave, with Girona painted as lethal, 3-5-2, the scheme that chokes Simeone. That's why he came out with the intention of deciphering it. With Thomas and Rodrigo moving team and ball, very fast, and Saul playing Filipe. The first ten minutes were filled by their football, although none of their approaches, which were many, found the key in the Bono area. He needed to refine the last pass, adjust sight. A shoe by Granell from outside the area marked a change of third. The Girona, well folded, began to ask for your site.

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