Pique leads the return of Barcelona to victory

04 February 2019

He repeated, as expected, Valverde the Eindhoven team with the only exception of placing Rakitic on the right, where he feels most comfortable, and Vidal on the left, where he does the same as on the right: work like a mule and appear everywhere.

From the outset, the approach of the Calleja was very clear. To lock Messi in a cage in the middle of the field, stopping him for the civil thing (and too often) for the criminal thing and to take shelter in defense to go out against with Samu and Gerard Moreno. And with this recipe, the yellows gave the first two scares. The speed and brazenness of the Nigerian was apparent in the second minute of the game and ten minutes later, Gerard shot the stick after a misunderstanding between Lenglet, who still has gaps of warmth, and Ter Stegen.

From there Dembélé said enough and threw the equipment on his back. He teamed up perfectly with Semedo and tested Asenjo three times. The Frenchman had an unstoppable day and every time he picked up the ball, the Camp Nou had the feeling that something good was going to happen for a change. Pedraza passed a first part of dogs before Ousmane, who haggled him indiscriminately with any leg and both went to the right as well as to the left.

Villarreal, well equipped by the center, gave Barcelona the bands and did not mind giving away corners, luck in which Barca is bizcochón.

However, in the sixth corner thrown by Barça, the rejection of the defense came to Dembélé who returned to center for Piqué to win the action to the visitors and put a Barca advantage that took advantage of his domain , the cuulés did not have them all, since the exits against Villarreal were still dangerous and forced Lenglet to make mistakes that could have cost him the expulsion before the break.

In addition, Villarreal came out in the second part much braver, pressing the departure of Barça ball and holding longer possessions that balanced a match that was starting to become dangerous for Valverde, who lived on the corrections of Piqué, great in all his actions.

However, the club missed Messi, away from the ball and Coutinho, who returned to star in an infamous game.

Seeing that the game needed a little push, Calleja decided to put gasoline and took Trigueros to give entry to the field to Bacca to which Valverde responded by removing Aleñá for Vidal in a change that did not please the public that expected Coutinho to leave, He was the first one surprised that he was not chosen. The amnesty lasted ten minutes, until Malcom replaced him just after Ekambi entered by a Gerard Moreno more concerned to disarm Piqué, without success, than to look at the door of Ter Stegen.

The game went on indefinitely until Messi awoke from his lethargy and assisted Aleñá to the space that sentenced the game in 87. Barca won again a game three days later and left his goal to zero. Piqué was the big culprit of both.

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