10 Crazy Premier League Facts You Didn't Know

15 May 2019

Premier League is the most widely watched league in the world. It is played in England and Wales. The league has comprised of  47 English and 2 Welsh clubs since it began, including the season of 2018-2019. There are yearly seasons, a season ends before summer and another starts after summer. There are a total of 20 football clubs that participate in every season that play for the glory that is the Premier League cup. The current winners of the Premier League title are Manchester City F.C.

An interesting thing about the League is that it holds 6th position amongst the professional sports leagues across the globe.

Let us look at 10 crazy facts about the popular Premier League that you may have not known before.

1.The player who has never lost a game he scored in

Darius Vassel made a PL record by hitting goals in 46 Premier League games and not losing in any of them. Vessel has played as a forward for Manchester City and Aston Villa. He retired way back in 2012 and has not made much appearances in public since then.

James Milner of Liverpool recently broke his record by scoring in 47 games.

2.The player who scored 51 headers

Another interesting Premier League fact is that, Stoke City’s Peter Crouch has scored 51 headers, because of which he now has a Guinness World Record. He broke the record of Alan Shearer, who played for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United as well. Shearer’s record was that of 46 headers. Peter Crouch has scored about 105 goals and has appeared 436 times for six football clubs.

3.The player who scored only 5 goals for Liverpool

Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher only scored 5 goals in the Premier League while playing for Liverpool. He has played for 17 years as a defender for the club but only managed to hit five in the net, which is quite low. Although defenders do not usually, score as much goals as forward or midfielder players do, his record of scoring goals is quite poor compared to the rest.

4.The player who scored the most goals in the Premier League

If you are a Premier League fan then you must know about Alan Shearer. He has appeared in the Premier League by playing for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. He is popularly known for scoring 283 goals in PL during his career of about 20 years.

He also maintains a record for scoring 11 hat tricks in the Premier League. Shearer also holds the most penalty goals, i.e 58.

5.The player who played in all Premier Leagues seasons during his career

Ryan Giggs has remained amongst Manchester United’s top most scorers ever since he joined the club. Ryan Giggs holds the record of being the only footballer to play all Premier League games during his career. Giggs has appeared in all 21 seasons. He is now the manager for national team of Wales. Giggs is also the first footballer to win consecutive FA Young Player of the Year award. He won them in the year 1992 and 1993. In 1994, he also had his own own tv show called Ryan Giggs' Soccer Skills.

6.The team that has won the most Premier League titles

Another interesting fact about the Premier League that all fans must already be aware of is that, Manchester United aka the Red Devils have won the most Premier League Championships. They have claimed the Premier League title 13 times. Man Utd also holds 20 divisional titles, which is the most by any club. It has also won 21 FA Community Shields. The club is also the first British club to have won the International Cup.

7.The player who only managed ONE goal assist

Mario Balotelli has appeared 70 times in the Premier League; however, he managed only a single assist. This assist served to be crucial for Manchester City, because it allowed Sergio Aguero to score a goal in the final few seconds of the game and helped the club win their first Premier League title in 44 years. This assist is popular among fans as one of the best assists ever made.

8.The 5 best performers, with 5 goals in one game

Sergio Aguero, Andy Cole, Alan Shearer, Jermain Defoe and Dimitar Berbatov all have scored 5 goals in one game. They are the only 5 players who hold that record in the Premier League. No one has been able to break this premier league record so far. Behind these players, 22 players hold the record of scoring 4 goals in one game. Sergio Aguero hit 5 goals against Newcastle United which took his team to victory. The score was  6-1

9.The hat trick scoring players that were born after the start of PL

Another fact that you should know is that, the 3 Hat-trick scoring players Harry Kane of club Tottenham, Raheem Sterling of Manchester City and Romelu Lukaku of Manchester United were all born after the start of Premier League i.e after 1992. Harry Kane’s eighth hat trick was in his team’s game against South Hampton back in December 2017. In 2015, Raheem Sterling scored his hat trick in a game against AFC Bournemouth, while Romelu Lukaku scored his hat trick against AFC Bournemouth as well.

10.The most wealthy League in football world

As previously mentioned in the introduction, Premier League is the most watched league as compared to other European leagues. Each match gains about 21 million TV viewers. Each match reaches viewers in 212 territories and about 643 million homes. Hundreds of people gather from all over the world to watch the matches live as well. The league has gained about £4.5 billion, which is more than any other European leagues. Premier League stands with the best sport leagues, just behind the likes of NBA, MLB and NFL.

We are yet to see if any of these records break in the ongoing Premier League season, and if we can get any more interesting and crazy facts at the end of it.  

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