14 Tips on How to Win at Online Betting

14 Tips on How to Win at Online Betting

2018 Apr 28

Anyone who starts sports betting online has to know a series of rules and guidelines without which they will never succeed to beat the agency and get money. Below I will present 14 useful tips to help you improve your chances to make money from betting.

1. Pick the right betting agency – although at first sight the online agency you place your bets with may seem irrelevant, you have to be careful when picking one. For instance, some betting options are not available at all the betting agencies (asian handicap, goal result & total, bets on corners etc.) whereas the offer of in-play bets differs from one agency to another. So, before you start betting you should study all the recommended online agencies carefully and pick the one that suits you best.

2. Establish a monthly budget – a mistake that many bettors often make is that they bet high amounts they canʼt afford to lose. My advice is that you should have a monthly budget, maximum 10% of your monthly income, and make sure that you stick with it no matter what. Make sure it does not interfere with your rent or food money, or other essential expenses you may have.

3. Make sure your goal is achievable – any action must have a scope, a purpose. This applies to betting as well. You must set a realistic goal in relation to your budget or else you will keep playing until your money is over. You will never be satisfied with your gains and you will keepbetting until you lose all your money. My advice is to think what monthly gains you would be satisfied with but do not think of more than doubling your money in a month.

4. Consider a betting strategy – most bettors are erratic, do not have a plan or a strategy to apply and this leads inevitably to losses. To be successful and make profit you must select a reliable strategy. There are many strategies explained on site such as easy money, martingale and others. Study all these betting systems, try to improve them and start applying the most successful strategy.

5. Place your bets when informed – taking a few minutes to look over statistics and watching live games between two teams or players does not mean you are informed. To earn money from betting means to make an in depth analysis of each event. Take into account the shape of the players currently playing, the unavailable players, the financial situation, the weather etc. There are a lot of important factors you should consider when analyzing a game. You will find articles on site about how to analyze a football or a basketball game, a tennis match or other sports. Bet only on the sports you know.

6. Watch live events – online betting agencies offer live streaming of most sports events that you can watch live. My advice is to take advantage of this aspect, watch carefully the development of an event and only place bets after that. Thus you will get an idea on the game developments and together with the pre-match analysis you have made you will be able to draw the necessary conclusions and select the winning bets.

7. Do not increase stakes – every bettors goes through better and worse times. The difference between a beginner and a professional bettor lies in the management of worse times. A professional bettor will always take a break and analyze what went wrong during this period and will come back better prepared and informed. Instead, a novice bettor will start increasing the stakes hoping he would recover the initial loss immediately. This is a big mistake, which inevitably leads to bigger losses.

8. Take advantage of the bet promotions offered by online agencies. Many bettors are reluctant to this. I donʼt understand why because such offers come to help the bettors and if you bet responsibly and are informed you have all the chances to take advantage of these offers. Bonuses on first deposit, free bets or risk free bets are always welcome and you must take advantage of them. For instance, if you have a small budget for bets you can take advantage of a 100% bonus on your first deposit, thus you will start betting twice as much money.

9. Place tickets with a few games – the most encountered betting style is represented by tickets containing many events. You need to know that the more games you add to the ticket the lower are its winning chances. I know that the temptation of big earnings is just around the corner but keep your feet on the ground and select a few games. You will see that you will have earned more at the end of the day.

10. Be patient and persistent – all the good things take time so you need to be patient and persistent if you want to be successful. For instance, when you start a strategy, donʼt abandon it after two or three bad days, as such a short time means nothing when betting. Look at bets as a long term investment, learn from mistakes and strive to be better every day.

11. Keep a record of your bets - most bettors do not have a record of the bets they placed because they see no purpose in it. The purpose is this: when you monitor your bets you will be able to draw many conclusions such as the types of most winning/losing bets, the most profitable teams/championships etc. Without a record of the bets you placed you can not make any progress, as this helps you learn from your mistakes and always be up to date with your progress.

12. Pay attention to in-play bets - although the live betting platforms of online agencies are a big plus, this could be a trap for many bettors. Just as you can make money quickly with in play bets, so you can lose. Pay attention to stakes and to the events you place your bet on. Donʼt place bets on any game that comes your way and donʼt be tempted by the generous offer of in-play bets.

13. Take advantage of cash out function – always choose a smaller but safer benefit instead of more consistent gains. You can do that with the cash out function, which allows you to close the placed bet before it had been decided. For instance, if you bet a ticket with more events and you have only one game left, my advice is that you should close the bet and get a smaller gain, as anything can happen during that game and you may lose the entire ticket.

14. Donʼt bet only based on odds - itʼs true, odds influence to a great extent bettorsʼ decisions and this is not very good. Lower odds donʼt necessarily mean safe betting. Obviously, in most cases the odds reflect the success chance of a bet but this must not make you change your option. If, as a result of your analysis, you came up with a certain type of bet, then place it, no matter the odds. I am not talking about fantasies such as 1 break/2 final, right score etc but realistic bets. I presented 14 useful pieces of advice to considerably increase your chances to win bets. If you want to become a successful bettor take the above into account and stay cool, lucid, and informed.
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