Responsible Gambling

Gambling platforms have experienced a strong growth in recent years. Obviously some operators stand out. But all insist on the notion of Responsible Gambling. There is a section dedicated to responsible gambling on each site.

The first idea that comes to mind when we talk about this is the problem of addiction. But being passionate does not mean being an addict, it's more about the way you gamble. It is this principle that we could define as responsible gambling.

What is responsible gambling?

First, let's look at these two words: Responsible Gambling: -Gambling is to play. -Responsible means being responsible for the way you play.

This is to avoid falling into an unhealthy addiction that would have adverse effects on your private life.

But you are also responsible under the law. Therefore we can also add the fact that you must abide by the law and not violate the allowed gambling rules.

To sum up:

Responsible Gambling means you can control your gambling habits and that passion does not affect your life. And this within a fixed legal framework.

Most players view the game as a hobby and manage their gambling habits reasonably. However, there are users who are likely to become totally dependent on the effect of an upset private life. The difficulty lies in knowing when the limit between these two stages is crossed. The problem of addiction to the game is very difficult to assimilate for the player, as can be the alcohol for an alcoholic or the drug.

Hazardous symptoms

Becoming addicted to gambling can happen very quickly. Studies have shown that being close to winning causes a desire to persevere in playing. We are all attracted by the gain, some manage to control themselves, for others it is much more difficult.

The symptoms that may come from addiction to the game are listed below:

  • Spend too much time playing.
  • Spend more and more money on gambling.
  • Consider that gambling is a good way to become rich.
  • Borrow money to play and have difficulty repaying it.
  • No longer have any interest in other leisure activities.
  • Neglecting family and friends for the sake of the game
  • No longer worry about the future but only about its present results in the game.
  • Play more and more to "catch up" with losses.
  • Lying to others about activities.
  • Become abnormally irritable, depressed, anxious ...
  • Feel the need to play to escape stress, boredom or everyday realities.
  • Neglecting, even giving up studies or work, for lack of interest and energy.
  • Lying to oneself!

As you can guess, if you or another player you know has these symptoms, it is important to talk to a specialist or a loved one.

Our advice:

  • Realize that the game consumes a lot of energy. It is therefore important to maintain control over your playing time. Try to calculate how much time you spend playing.
  • When you are tired or on a bad mood (several losses) your lucidity is affected. You must take the necessary time to think before replaying.
  • Lock access to game sites for children and minors around you.
  • Set reasonable financial limits.
  • Beware of the ease of playing on the internet at any time.
  • Do not forget the value of money even if it's easy to use a credit card and replenish your player balance.
  • When you lose, your first reflex should not be to replay instantly. A pause is always beneficial.
  • Never jeopardize your family, your job or your studies.
  • Do not consider gambling as an escape from your everyday problems.
  • As soon as you feel that you are losing control, speak with a loved one or a specialist.
  • Do not hesitate to take a break if you feel that you are losing control.
Set limits

Gambling operators are aware of the concept of responsible gambling. To help their customers control their gambling habits as much as possible, such platforms offer options. One of them is to set game limits. For this, operators allow you to set limits on your account. This is a very effective way to control your gambling habits. You obviously have the possibility at any time to modify these parameters. These limits complement those already required by the legal framework.

Self exclusion

You have trouble controlling your gambling habits and you need to take a break. Do not panic, the platforms offer you the option to exclude yourself. There are two types of self-exclusion: temporary self-exclusion and permanent self-exclusion.

When you temporarily exclude yourself, you choose a time frame during which you will not be able to play. The operation is varies from an operator to another. Some prevent any connection to the account during the chosen time frame. Others will allow you to go to your player account but you will be unable to gamble.

As for permanent self-exclusion, this is a definitive account closure. You are unable to reopen an account with this operator for usually 3 years or indefinitely. The money on your account at the time of this choice is usually transferred automatically. To activate self-exclusion, simply go to your player account. As you see, self-exclusion is an irreversible operation. When you choose your exclusion period, consider this point. Indeed, you can not change this duration later.

If You Need Professional Help

Be Gamble Aware

We aim to promote responsibility in playing. Get key information to help recognise a gambling problem and how to locate help & support if you need it.

Gambling Therapy

We offer a free online service that provides practical advice and emotional support to the people influenced by problem gambling.

Gamblers Anonymous

We provide confidential face-to-face counseling to men and women who shared their experience, power and hope that they could solve their problem.

Game Care

We deliver confidential phone support and counseling to anyone who is influenced by problem gambling.

Our opinion on responsible gambling

This notion is essential when you register on a gambling platform. In no case should the game have a negative influence on your everyday life. As you have just seen, operators are very sensitive about this. If you think you are addicted, it is important to take the necessary steps and talk about it. Every operator can put you in touch with specialists for this kind of problem.

Addiction to the game can happen quickly. Initially it's just a small bet and in the end it's a big trouble. We all know the consequences of alcohol addiction, it often starts with a glass and then becomes a bottle and after that several bottles. The principle of gambling addiction is similar. It is not easy for a player to know if he is an addict or not.

If you feel you became a gambling addict seek professional help. Addiction never gets away by itself.