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The Premier League matches are among the most sought after as it is the most played league in the w'o\rld and the trend is very clear: for bettors, the English league, in terms of volumes of play is the first. It therefore requires great attention in a championship in terms of favourites.

This is why, as for all the other major leagues, provides you with the accurate analysis of your trusted tipster, who will predict the most interesting matches for you.

Pay attention to the big ones, from Chelsea to Manchester United, passing through Arsenal and Liverpool but not only. This Championship lives a lot on the football pitch so it will be important to carefully read the predictions offered to you by to understand on which team to bet. In the country of betting, we are ready to bet!

First League Live Table

Live Table

In the Premier League, there are 20 football clubs every year. All the clubs hold each 2 meetings (home and away). From the Premier League, the first four teams are selected for the Champions League, the 5th and 6th places in the standings fall into the Europa League, and the last three teams fly to the lower league (Championship).

The most titled teams:

  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Liverpool
  • Tottenham

Odds on this league are among the highest, bookmakers make a profit not because of high margins, but because of the large volume of odds on the markets.
In the Premier League there is a pool of 5-6 teams, which almost always play first places among themselves, however, in this league outsiders play very much as well. In the \"closed club top 6\" there are the same English football giants: Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham.

If in the La Liga or the Bundesliga favourites usually win easily with a crushing score, then in the Premier League, almost every match is given to the favourite with difficulty. The odds on the favourites in the Premier League are not so high as to speak of their clear advantage.

Bettors of the English Premier League bet on the fact that the Internet has a huge amount of information about the league.
Statistics of the league and events in it are devoted large resources, where you can always find information for each event of the Premier League. Analytic programs on each tour of the Premier League are produced by many major TV channels, and leading football experts are blogging with forecast rates.
Broadcasts of any match have an excellent picture, while on the Internet you can always find a video in any popular language.
Another advantage of betting on the Premier League is the bonuses for individual matches and league events. In the Premier League, many goals are scored in the last minutes of the game, so consider this tip when Live betting.

Team of the Week

Team of the Week

The English Premier League dominated Europe for a long time in the 2000s and is still the most popular national football tournament in the world. Most of the players are trying to get into the Premier League, but not only because of the big contracts, but also because of the possibility of progress and obtaining medals of the highest standard. League games are so attractive for bets that for one separate match, players generally put up to one billion euros, and the total audience of viewers for the season exceeds 5 billion viewers.

With preseason stakes on the Premier League scorer, keep in mind that the last time an Englishman became the best league scorer in the distant season of 1999/2000. Since then, the Golden Boot of the Premier League was awarded to a wide variety of players, but there are no representatives of England among them. It is also worth noting that during this time only the players of Chelsea, Manchester United, MC, Arsenal and Liverpool became scorers. Nevertheless, in England in recent years, there were Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy, who probably will soon break such a bad statistics for the country.

No less interesting and profitable are the bets on the top scorer of the English Premier League. We have selected the best scorers of the week for you. Betting a few tens of pounds, you can watch the matches with special passion and cheer for your favourite. In the past two seasons, Tottenham scorer Harry Kane was the best.



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