Asian Handicap Betting Explained

04 February 2019

The Asian handicap betting appeared a very long time ago. In Asian countries, such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Asian handicap was the most famous type of betting. In Western countries, it appeared only recently, and before that time almost all the players of Western countries have heard nothing about it.The population of the Far East began to be very interested in football and many wanted to bet. Official bookmakers did not exist in these states and the players decided to bet among themselves without any intermediaries or using illegal bookmaking betting asian handicapThese bettors created their own personal betting system, which was distributed among other bettors of the same type. The bookmaker in this case could be absolutely any bettor. Foreign bettors did not use the Far East system, because they were poorly educated people, and they did not have enough simple knowledge in mathematics to correctly calculate and understand the 1×2 betting system.The bettors found a way out of the situation, they created a certain betting system, where the handicap was added to or subtracted from the outcome of the team. This system was a real find, everyone understood and used it without much difficulty.The odds in this betting system were not difficult to foresee, the bets were calculated from meetings of teams with equal opportunities to win with the addition of a handicap. So there were whole handicaps (odds) and handicaps in the "half-time”.Later, this system of odds began to be used in other sports. But only in football it began to give small glitches. The fault was that football matches in particular end with a few goals, and all the goals scored were simply precious.It is difficult, almost impossible to level the chances of both sides with the application of odds. In order to remove the shortcomings, a new bid with a coefficient of 0.25 was invented, it was also represented as 0,0.5 and 0: 1/2. These odds are considered as a double bet, that is, one part of the bet is made with a handicap of 0, and the second part is +0.5.  At the end of the match, two parts of the bet are calculated separately, and then summed up and this is the end result of the bet.An interesting fact of the development of betting is that an example was taken not from the European people, but from the Asian ones. The main reason for this development was the fact that in many countries bookmaking business was prohibited, and the bettors began to engage in this activity illegally. Bets were made exactly as in the Far East.

What are the advantages of asian handicap betting?

Bookmakers noted that the game is gaining more interest when bets are made with a handicap. Emotions and attention are increased a couple of times.  These odds are more advantageous than the three-way bet (1x2).
In betting with a handicap, there are always two outcomes at the end. Therefore, the chance to win increases from 33.3% to 50%. And the odds in this case also become more attractive.
In betting odds, even with a negative outcome of your team, you can still get a win, depending on what you bet. If you made an " Asian handicap " bet, then you will be more worried than with a simple bet, because here your chances to win increase or decrease with every goal scored.Plus, betting on handicap 0.25 is that if the outcome of the game is a draw, then you will still win and get 50% of the amount of your bet.

How to calculate the odds with the asian handicap?

Betting with a handicap does not cause any difficulties to bettors. They can easily calculate them, small misunderstandings arise only when calculating bets with odds of 0 and 0.25. To calculate such odds, we must first understand their basic essence and by what principle they are produced.The odds with a 0.25 handicap are divided into two bets with two different odds, one bet has a multiple of 0.5, and the second bet is an integer one. In this case, the amount of the bet is divided into two equal parts, then at the end of the game they are considered separately, then they are merged into the total number, which will be your final winnings.Each half of this type of bet can have three outcomes - a win, a loss and a “draw”. At “draw” it is assumed that the stake will be refunded. The most unpleasant moment for this type of betting is when two parts of the bets lost, the score was zero, and in this case the bettor did not win anything.In European countries there are bookmakers, who successfully practice the Asian handicap bettingWe also recommend reading all about asian handicap betting strategy !

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