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04 February 2019

There are many strategies. Let's start with why almost all of them are entirely meaningless, and then we will tell about profitable forecasts for the correct score.

Most of the strategies for the correct score tips in football involve combining several outcomes for specific situations. These are very old approaches to the game. Perhaps once they made sense, but now the offers of the bookmaker offices include many additional bets covering almost all possible ranges of scores. Moreover, combined odds are more advantageous for the odds, since there is a margin in each bet.

When it's profitable to bet on the correct score tips

Bets on the correct score cannot be the main strategy since it is impossible to guess the outcomes of many matches at once with high accuracy. Sometimes betting on an exact outcome is more profitable than betting on the winner, total or something else. We are talking about football matches, where it is very likely that the scoreboard will be 0-0, 1-0 or 0-1. Predicting correct scores like 3-1, 2-2 in football is almost impossible. Suppose that both teams will arrange a draw and most likely they will play defensively, and they are very good at destroying the game of the opponent, which means it makes sense to bet on 0-0. It happens that a very unyielding team with a reliable gameplay in defence regularly gets minimal wins. If this is not a mere coincidence and the team simply plays defensively after a goal scored, the 1-0 bet will be very beneficial, because the odds for it is rarely less than 6.00.

Strategy plus/minus one

Strategies based on combining scores are meaningless. Nevertheless, consider the most popular of them.The essence of the "plus/minus one" strategy:


Although in the offer of the bookmaker there is no combined bet that would replace the account data, the nearest in meaning “over/under 2.5” by the odds will be more profitable and includes more possible outcomes.If you find all of these difficult to understand or to apply, please feel free to try our expert correct score tips and betting predictions in our dedicated section HERE

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