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04 February 2019

How to bet on “both teams to score" - the strategy to adopt

Before addressing the question how to bet on “both teams to score", it is first necessary to know what it is. It is a very simple style of sports betting. Its goal is to make a prediction where each team will score a goal throughout the match. In this type of betting, it is not a question of when the goals will be scored or how many goals will be scored. You will always win as soon as each team scores.But in order for your bet to be a winner, your strategy needs to be well researched. How to bet on “both teams to score" in this case? You must prioritise matches that will allow each team to score at least one goal. In this perspective, you must study the strategy and shape of each team. You must bet on an encounter between two teams that offer a quality offensive formation.To this, you must also check the defensive formation of each team. That is to say, it is necessary to check that the two teams propose a defensive strategy that can allow the opposing team to score goals.Finally, it is imperative that the level of each team is not too different. If this is a meeting between two top clubs, it is certain that goals will be scored. In the event that the match puts one of the top 3 in the standings against a relegating team, then it is unlikely that your bet will win.But it's good to know that in a meeting between two big teams competing for the title of a championship , it is possible that no goal is scored or that one team scores and the other does not. For example, in a Manchester United vs. Manchester City match, both teams can play the defence card to nibble a single point. It is therefore very common for both teams to score 0 - 0 or only one team to score a single goal.

How to bet on "both teams to score": analyse both teams

Although this type of bet may seem easy at first, you should not neglect anything. This is especially true when you are going to bet a big sum on a match. Here are the main criteria you must see to know how to bet on "both teams to score" and get a bet that does not lose:Watch the tactics adopted by each teamBefore a meeting, you will be kept informed of the strategy of each coach. Some prefer to bet on the defensive while others may favour the attack . If both teams do not bet on the offensive, then you may end up with a draw of 0 - 0. Similarly, if one team is considering being defensive and the other side is favouring the attack, then the score may be 1 - 0 or 2 - 0.

Check the shape of the players

You must understand that each team plays an average of 3 games per week. In addition to the local championships, there are also international meetings. Added to this is the fact that some players can be called by their national team to make qualifying matches or simply friendly games. And we must admit that it can influence the shape of the players.
football players shape
 Similarly, you must check the health of each player, especially key players. Among other things, if a key striker was injured in a previous match, it is clear that he will not be in the best of shape for the match. And sometimes, he may not be nominated during the latter.In this same perspective, it is necessary to see the state of each defence. The absence of some key defenders gives the opposing team more chances to score goals . The same is true when the big defenders are not in top shape.

Check the appointments

Those who know how to bet on "both teams to score" never fail to check the players appointed by the coaches. In addition to the fact that key players may be injured or sick, you should also check for any possible cards they may have taken. For example, the absence of some big forwards like FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi may put the club's offensive system at a disadvantage. As a result, the team is unlikely to score, especially if the opposing defensive system is at its best.In this same strategy, you must know the appointments in the defensive system. The absence of Sergio Ramos or Raphael Varane, who play for FC Real Madrid offers opportunities to score to the opposing team. It is therefore likely that the club concedes one or more goals.

Know the statistics

Each year, the world of football is subject to countless transfers . In the Football Market , some new players may favour a team or have the opposite effect. For example, the arrival of Edinson Cavani at PSG since 2013 has favoured the offensive system of the PSG club. And it keeps getting stronger with newcomers like Neymar.To know how to bet on "both teams to score", you must check the statistics of the key players .But we must not neglect the defensive efficiency of each team. Among other things, try to get to know the statistics about key defenders. Similarly, you must know the goalkeeper's ability with the number of stops per game he has achieved.

How to bet on "both teams to score": what type of team to avoid

As mentioned above, it is imperative that both teams score if you want to win your bet at the end of the game. It is therefore essential that each team is focused on the attack and have a permeable defence. How to bet on "both teams to score" in this case to have every chance on his side?

Teams to avoid

The strategy of each team evolves and changes at each meeting. The coaches can make a technical decision based on the characteristics of the opposing team. On the one hand, we must avoid teams whose strategy is focused on defence. You must therefore know the goal of the coach for the entire season and the strategy he has adopted in previous seasons.

Matches to promote and avoid for BTTS

Before betting, you must necessarily know what type of match it is and what are the stakes. At the start of the league , whether in Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga or La Liga all teams do everything to score. Indeed, it is during this period that everyone tries to gain the maximum points.
Matches to promote and avoid for BTTS
Source: BVBIn the second phase of the calendar, teams lagging behind or likely to relegate make the maximum effort to nibble a few points. On the other hand, well positioned clubs are more oriented towards stability by seeking not to concede goals or not to lose. In this case, you must avoid wagering if the match is between the leader of the standings and a team that is in the 10th place and whose points difference is very important.In addition, the goals abound very often at certain meetings and it will be favourable for you to place a bet for:• A match between two teams seeking to qualify for the Champions League: The clubs are in the 4th , 5th and 6th position, when they face each other trying to score goals to nibble a place that allows them to qualify for the Champions League.• A match between two teams who want to escape relegation: The clubs in the top 5 at the bottom of the ranking want to do everything to avoid being relegated. When these teams compete, there is a good chance that goals will be scored. So, a winning bet for you!• A meeting between the top duo of the championship: In El Clasico, if there are only a few points difference between the 1st and 2nd of the ranking, there are great opportunities that each club wants to distance the other or surpass the other by trying to score goals. A favourable situation of this fact to place a good bet.• The finals of the championships: whether in the Champions League, King's Cup, FA Cup or other, the final is always likely to bring goals, whether for one or the other team. But be careful to consider the statistics of the players, the shape of the players, the appointments and the technique adopted by each team.

The matches “home and away“

You must know that the "home and away" matches have a great influence on the teams. Generally, teams playing away are more favourite than those who play at home.But before betting, it is necessary to check what is the stake of the match. In a league match, you need to know the position of each club that is competing in the tournament. For example, the 1st ranked will instead play the card of the defence if he they have a good lead in terms of points compared to others and if they face a club that is not likely to worry about the ranking.In a Champions League or Europa League match, the first leg is sometimes favourable for goals. The home team wants to win at home while the away team wants to score goals to nibble points. That said, you should check as usual the shape of players, team statistics, absences, injuries, and others.For the return match , everything will, of course, depend on the outcome of the first leg. A team beaten at home in the first leg will do everything to score when playing away. The home team often tends to play a defensive game and to play on the counter-attacks. And in some cases, the home team that won in the first round may also attempt to score first to put pressure on the opponent.

The ranking of the team

In league games , the ranking is of great importance. You are not one of those who know how to bet on "both teams to score" if you do not analyse the position of each team before betting. There are a few things you should try to understand:• Check the points difference between the two opposing teams• Try to identify what is at stake for each team• Check the offensive and defensive capacity of both clubs• Find out about the outcome of the old meetings between the two teamsYou now know how to bet on "both teams to score". Analyse the two teams, their attack and defence abilities, identify the game challenge for both clubs. With all these elements, it is certain that you put all the chances on your side and that you will make a winning bet.

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