Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A Betting

04 February 2019

The format of the tournament changed almost annually in the first few decades. The clubs did not agree, but in 2003 they still found a compromise. The championship began to be held in two rounds.In 2010, the Confederation began to consider the Brazilian Cup (1959-1968) and the Roberttao Cup (1967-1970) as national championships. The owners of these tournaments are recognised as full-fledged champions of the country.According to FIFA, the Brazilian Serie A is one of the six best national championships in the world, ahead of even England. On the continent, it is second only to the Argentine championship.The most titled clubs in Brazil ??:
  • Palmeiras
  • Santos
  • Sao Paulo
  • Flamengo
  • Corinthians
Palmeiras Santos Sao Paulo Flamengo Corinthians

Championship format

  1. The model of the tournament does not differ from the Spanish La Liga or the English  Premier League. 20 participants play for the gold medal in a two-round system.
  2. The championship is held from late spring to early winter.
  3. The top six clubs go directly into the Copa Libertadores, and the club from the top four - to the group stage.
  4. Teams ranking 7th to 12th are eligible to play in the South American Cup (the second most important tournament of the continent, like Europa League after the Champions League in Europe).
  5. The quartet of the worst teams at the end of the season leaves the elite division. Their places are occupied by the 4 best teams in the B Series.

Bets on the Winner of Brazil Serie A ??

As a rule, who gets the gold medal becomes known a few matches before the end of the season.For some reason, not many  bookmakers offer bets on the winner of the Brazilian football championship.This market is very unpredictable, and even at the equator of the season, at least 5 teams have good chances to take the first place. Competition at the top of the table is always fierce.

Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A Betting Results

Brazilian League is a very effective tournament. Teams traditionally play heavily at home. The away matches are much more difficult. The density at the top of the table keeps the intrigue until the final rounds, although the champion often breaks away from his pursuers at the finish.

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