Esports - FIFA PRO Player Cup

03 April 2020

The esports industry is a fast-growing phenomenon with millions of fans all around the globe. Professional sports events fill stadiums worldwide, while millions of viewers tune in at home to watch the best players compete against one another in their favourite games.

Short for electronic sports, esports is a form of sport competition played at a professional level using video games.

Esports involves multiplayer video games competitions, particularly between professional competitors, individually or as teams. Gamers from different leagues or teams play video games against each other competitively, often for cash prizes and prestige.

Esports or egames bring players together to face off in a tournament for huge sums of money as prizes. These gamers can play with each other instantly with an internet connection from the comfort of their own home without having to be in the same physical location.

The simplest and easiest way to watch esports is online. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs are all perfect devices for streaming live events for free online. Popular streaming services, like Twitch and YouTube, allow fans to watch their favourite gamers play in real-time.

FIFA PRO Player Cup

ExtraTips is offering FREE expert predictions for the FIFA PRO Player Cup single-player tournament held by Electronic Leagues.

Our knowledgeable tipsters carefully research and analyse professional gamers and tournaments before making the expert predictions. ExtraTips allows you to place your bet instantly and at the best bookmaker odds by clicking the green “BET” button.

Without leaving the comfort of their own home, several competitors enjoy the most popular sport on the planet through the famous FIFA 20 game produced by Electronic Arts. EA Sports has developed the legendary FIFA series for over 20 years, becoming the largest sports video game franchise in the world.

FIFA has brought the beautiful game to life with incredible graphics and design, letting you play with the top leagues, clubs, and renowned players in the football world.

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