Football Cards Betting Guide

04 February 2019

Before the game you need to familiarise yourself with the rules for betting on cards. For example, at some bookmakers it is practicable to bet on cards shown to coaches or to those players who are on the bench, while others accept bets on cards only for players who are currently present on the football field.In the classical version, the player is given the opportunity to bet on the total red or yellow cards in the match. The most popular betting options are less than three, from three to six and more than six. The bettor makes his choice in favour of the most suitable option for him and places a bet.When betting on cards, it is more likely to get higher odds than when betting, for example, on other classic sports event outcomes.

How to correctly analyse the match and bet

1. In most cases, punters prefer to bet on the total cards than on reds in general. It is better to choose matches that will take place in a fairly intense struggle. Often these are serious football matches, for example, Milan-Inter or Barcelona-Real. In addition, when making such bets, it is worth considering the championship itself. One of the hottest in terms of emotions on the football field can be considered the championship of Argentina or Brazil.2. When choosing an event, it is necessary to pay special attention not only to the status of the match, but also to the general statistics of teams regarding red and yellow cards . In addition to the above championships, the championships of Spain, the Netherlands and Italy are also quite effective in terms of warnings or ejections.3. During the analysis, you also need to know more information about the referee by looking at his card statistics (at least for the last 5 games). Well, remember that you do not need to bet on such outcomes more than 5-10% of the total bankroll.
referee cards
Given all the above tips, we recommend that you carefully study the statistics of each of the contestants, the importance of the confrontation, the judge's attitude and all other factors that will somehow affect your bet. And, of course, you should not chase big odds and bet all your bankroll in the hope of getting rich from one bet.

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