Over/Under Bets

04 February 2019


An over/under bet is a bet where you have to count on the minimum or maximum number of goals / points in a match.The most popular bet is over/under 2.5 goals in football:- if you bet on under 2.5 it means that a maximum of two goals (0, 1 or 2) must be scored in the match.- if you bet on over 2.5 it means that at least three goals (3, 4, 5 etc) must be scored in the match.

Why place over/under bets?

The over/under bet is a great advantage and we can say it helps the bettors. It is often very difficult to choose a winner in a sporting event and that is because the match is very balanced. There are also cases where there are clear favourites in a game, but their odds for victory are too low and we do not think it worth the risk. In these situations, you can choose to bet on the number of successes.For example, in the case of a football game, if there is a favourite with low odds, you can bet on many goals scored because the difference in value is very likely to say its word and the table. So you can get a bigger share, which will increase your earnings.
bet over under
Another advantage of the over/under bet type is that you do not have to rely exclusively on a particular team or a particular player. There are many cases in which your team or player is not in a very good shape, which gives us the victory in the end but the opponent or the opposing team can compensate for this and you can choose a good prediction of the under/over bet.


Referring now to the offer of bookmakers, the over/under predictions appear like this: "Over X.5 / Under X.5", "Over X.0 / Under X.0", "Over X.25 / Under X.25 "and" Over X.75 / Under X.75 ", where" X "represents the number of points / goals / games played / scored in that game. Here's what each bet type means:
  1. Over/Under X.0: this is a bet that generally allows for the total return of the stake. In the case of a football match, if you bet on the forecast over 2.0 goals and exactly 2 goals are scored in the match, the bet will be fully refunded, as is the case with the forecast below 2.0 goals. However, be careful when betting on such predictions that there is also the “exact 2 Goals" option, which prevents the stake from being returned.
  2. Over/Under X.25: this is a combined bet, actually formed from over/under X.0 and over/under X.5. Let's take a concrete example: we count on a football match on the forecast over 2.25 goals. We win the bet in full if 3 or more goals are scored in the match, half the stake is returned to the exact score of 2 goals and we lose the full stake if a goal or none is scored. In the case of an under 2.25 goals bet, we need a draw or a single goal scored to make the bet winning in its entirety; if two goals are scored, we win half the stake and 3 goals or more signify a totally lost bet.
  3. Over/Under X.5: this is a classic bet that does not allow the return of the stake. For example, over 2.5 goals means scoring at least 3 goals in that game for your bet to be a winner, while the forecast under 2.5 goals refers to no more than 2 goals in order to be the winner.
  4. Over/Under X.75: It is similar to betting over/under X.25, only this time it is actually formed from over/under X.5 and over/under (X + 1).0 - A specific example: Over/Under 2.75 means a bet consisting of over/under 2.5 and over/under 3.0. If we go over the forecast of over 2.75 goals it is necessary to score 4 or more goals to win the bet, 3 goals to win half the stake, and 2 goals or less means the complete bet loss. Under 2,75 goals is won when t 0,1 or 2 goals are scored, half is returned when exactly 3 goals are scored and lost in the case of 4 or more goals scored.
These are over/under bets that you will encounter at online bookmakers. However, in offline offices you will not be able to find over/under bets with the option of returning the stake, but only those over/under X.5. Before betting on such predictions, make sure you know what they mean, because there were cases where the bettors placed their bets without knowing what the chosen prediction really meant.
Over/under bets example


The reality is that any betting site on the internet offers under/over bets at any match as decent as possible (regardless of sports), and that's because we're talking about one of the most popular types of bets. But there are bookmakers that have a better offer than others, offering this option to multiple matches and in several situations (for example, an operator can offer bets on the number of goals of a single team and the other does not).Below you can find the bookmakers we recommend for such bets:


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