Betting Tactics and Strategy

2018 Jul 4

What is a betting strategy

From this moment on we will often talk about betting strategies , but before doing so we need to make a clear distinction between strategy and tactics.For the betting strategy we are dealing with the planning of a set of actions that will bring profit in the long term.This means that the result of a strategy must not be understood from one day to the next. Actions must be planned taking into consideration the average time that a particular strategy requires to generate profit & also the budget available to deal with it.
At war, the generals plan the various campaigns in such a way that the succession of events will lead to the final victory with a certain degree of probability. A war, however, is formed by several battles, some of which are won and others lost. The latter are always taken into consideration at the planning stage, since it is quite unrealistic to think that we can win 100% of the time. Despite the occurrence of some losses, the correct strategy will always generate profit .The saying "we have lost a battle but we will win the war" is strictly related to the concept of strategy. Even betting works the same way, or from the moment you take a strategy, circumstances in which everything seems to go wrong will occur, and then the right course will be resumed.

Betting tactics

The strategy is opposed to the concept of  betting tactics, which instead aims to generate profit or compensate for a possible loss in a single share, or in the immediate or short term.Because of their nature, tactics are usually applied with the help of live bets aimed at balancing the pre-match bet.Always referring to the military sphere, tactics apply to the single battle and not to the global design of the war strategy. In particularly disadvantageous cases, the application of a correct tactic could change the outcome in a positive way.For example, in the remote and unfortunate case where once you get to the bottom of a strategy the latter does not generate profit, it will be possible to offset the live bets in such a way as to recover the investment capital.Extreme tactics are mostly applied regularly by beginners. This is not the case for expert tipsters and professional bettors.